Your Future Position – Your Ceo Philosophies

1. How would you use the Strategic Planning Model to approach post-graduation “identification and securing” of the most promising position? 0r does the Strategic Planning Model stifle or enhance the strategic creativity of strong, direct individuals? I would use the strategic planning model very similar as I would if I were using it for a business planning tool. The only difference would be a slight deviation on the objectives. Instead of being a corporate objective, I would cut that down into smaller categories and identify how it would benefit me while still being considered a great asset to the company.
In the end, I would compare and contrast my findings. See below. 1. ) Step 1: Prepare for planning (overall strategy for all opportunities) – Decide what needs to be looked at, what highlights I have, what opportunities are available and locations. Who should be involved? Define all expectations. 2. ) Step 2: Vision for employment (overall strategy for all opportunities) – Define the perfect or ideal position. 3. ) Step 3: SWOT (need to do for each independent opportunity) – 360 scan of each company where employment has potential. Where are the strengths and weaknesses of the company?
Where are the threats? Is there potential to move up the ladder? Look at external and internal (if available) factors. Research before, ask during interview. 4. ) Step 4: Context (need to do for each independent opportunity) – What is the area like? Is the community economically stable or not? Is the town/city the company is located in growing. What will the commuting time be like? Research before, ask during interview. 5. ) Step 5: Mission (need to do for each independent opportunity) – Does the mission statement of the company or department align with my personal goals.

Can I see myself delivering on the criteria the statement is giving to its consumers? Research before, ask during interview. 6. ) Step 6: Problem Statement (need to do for each independent opportunity) – Issues discovered from step 4. Indicate reaction to those roadblocks. Is the company private or public and are there any financial constraints that could hinder growth for the company or its employees. Research before, ask during interview. 7. ) Step 7: Strategies (need to do for each independent opportunity) – If there are any problems, how will I go around them to resolve? Is it something I can face head on?
For employee strategies, who is the target client? What will be the priority topic once employment takes place? How can I fulfill it? Research before, ask during interview. Look at other items such as vacation time, benefits, and other fringe benefits. 8. ) Step 8: Goals (overall strategy for all opportunities) – Define what my short and long term overall employment goals will be. Be sure to match up with what the company can offer. 9. ) Step 9: Objectives (overall strategy for all opportunities and adjust if/when necessary) – Similar to the goal, identify individual targets within each goal and provide a timeline snapshot.
What do I want my efforts at this company to result in on a short term? 10. ) Step 10: Action Plan (overall strategy for all opportunities) – Organize the plan into smaller action plans for each objective. Build in status reviews/updates. Translate the actions into job descriptions and personal performance. Communicate with follow ups. Document all efforts including meetings with potential employers. Integrate the goal and objectives of myself with the goals and objectives of the company. 11. ) Step 11: Evaluate (overall strategy for all opportunities) – Evaluate the plan before I implement.
Evaluate each employment opportunity as they arise. After offers are received, pick the best opportunity. 2. Prepare your version of a mission statement for Cleary University. Investing in your future: We strive to be a business education leader by providing a thorough and rigorous academic schedule that matches what is experienced in the real business world. 3. Which basic philosophies would you adopt as the chief executive of a major corporation (identify and explain)? Simplicity/Clarity/Honesty, Improvement, Discretion Simplicity/Clarity/Honesty – This theory pertains to internal and external factors.
In this case, I’m speaking of internal factors. If the business team openly talks whether it’s on an independent level or in a group setting, the team can manifest ideas to help the business stay competitive. Improvement – Since the company will be openly speaking with each other about various topics, by doing so, they can create new products or services, reduce redundancy in office procedures (creating more time for other things), or just enhance things. Discretion – Keep business matters private. Only discuss information about finances with the appropriate people.
Keep HR issues with HR, etc. etc. If topics are contained to the appropriate areas, then the risk of over exposure to the wrong areas will be contained. 4. How might Cleary University practice sustainability? Cleary University could practice sustainability by going green, which they have implemented already. Also, they couple try and incorporate some of the principles into various business decisions. Try to make it a common practice to do so. They can also continuously support initiatives (green, for example) throughout the community.


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