Why Grammar Is Important

It is obvious that not many people realize how important grammar is. There are so many abbreviations and so much slang nowadays, it is impossible to know what people mean. I can’t even count how many times I have had to call someone to ask them what they were talking about in a text message because they didn’t use correct punctuation and grammar. I never did pay attention that much to grammar or punctuation either when I was in elementary and middle school. However, ever since I have gotten to high school, I have become a grammar Nazi.
Which brings me to this conclusion, children are being educated enough to be hired for a job, they just choose not to pay attention in class. Now I know that my conclusion sounds bad, so let me elaborate. Jobs should not be so critical on who they choose to hire; especially when it is something as petty as getting “to” and “too” mixed up. It depends on the job though what kind of English education they should have. If a job does not require much writing, what difference does it make? Unless you are using things like “YOLO” or “LOL” on your resume, then there is no problem.
If a job requires good English, then yes, I can see the problem. I must admit, however, that I have heard some waiters and cashiers use some odd grammar. It makes you think twice about what it takes to get a job in today’s time. I understand that homophones can be confusing. Think about it, “here” and “hear”, “they’re”, “their”, and “there”.

Is it just me, or do other people realize that it is not that hard to realize the differences? As I said, I have become a complete grammar Nazi, I HATE seeing things like that. I went to there house and they’re dog bit me. ” No, you went to their house and their dog bit you. I swear, it is as if people make these idiotic mistakes on purpose. Something else that not many people know, grammar saves lives… Moreover, faces. Take for instance a statement like this: “Lets it Grandma! ” It should be, “Let’s eat, Grandma! ” It is amazing how one simple comma can save a dear old woman’s life. “Woman without her man is nothing. ” Pardon me? More like, “Woman: Without her, man is nothing. ” That is better.
Also, a bit of advice for those trying to sound awesome when they say, ”I could care less,” it’s, ”I couldn’t care less. ” By saying that you could care less is implying that you do actually care. As you can see, grammar has a huge impact of our lives. It also is the basis of the difference between what you want people to think you mean, and what they think you mean. So make life easy on everyone, use correct grammar and spelling. Stop clubbing baby seals. OR, stop clubbing, baby seals. Remember, grammar saves lives.

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