Vitality of Kidney Functions in Physiological System

Vitality of Kidney Functions in Physiological System

Kidney is one of the major physiologic systems in a human body, but often it has a number of disorders that affects, rendering it ineffective. Kidney nephritis does affect the heart and in severe cases it can cause death if not properly monitored. It can be illustrated as an inflammatory disease that renders the nephrons nonfunctional. The disease is considered as one of the complicated disorders influencing mortality, and particularly in women. As such, it is a dangerous health complication that requires proper attention in order to curb and suppress it. The following study evaluates kidney nephritis in accordance to its causes, risk factors, types, symptoms and diagnosis. In addition, the study also evaluates the treatment, prevention. Vitality of Kidney Functions in Physiological System

There are two major types of kidney nephritis prevalent in human beings, that is, the Acute glomerulonephritis and the Chronic glomerulonephritis. To begin with, acute nephritis is developed following several instances of severe infections such as strep throat, hepatitis, Lupus or even HIV infection. Basically, Acute nephritis is associated with the autoimmunity where the kidneys become inflamed leading to kidney failure. It has its own sub-divisions which includes; pyelonephritis, interstitial nephritis and glomerulonephritis. There is also the Chronic nephritis which is triggered by several instances of Acute nephritis without proper medical attention. In many cases, the disease develops slowly and in severe cases it leads to kidney damage and kidney failure. It is a genetic disease that runs in some families or simply developed due poor lifestyle (Dresden, 02). Vitality of Kidney Functions in Physiological System


There are various causes of Kidney nephritis. Among the major causes of kidney nephritis include; infections such as HIV and hepatitis B or C. similarly, the kidney complication may emerge as a result of poor medication such as use of antibiotics, pain relievers or use of diuretic pills. Alternatively, the disease is associated with genetic inheritance as a family disease, it is noted that some families have the complication which is inherited in their family pedigree. In most cases, it is impossible to differentiate the actual cause of the disease, whether it is infections or the genetic inheritance (Dresden, 03). Kidney nephritis has a number of risk factors that expose or increases an individual chance of attaining the disease. Among them include; a recent surgery on the urinary tract, which may lead to damage of the kidney nephrons. Similarly, the prevalence of the disease in a family line exposes one to the chances of attaining it. They can inherit it directly from their parents or from their relatives but within the family line. Nonetheless, the poor medication routine may expose one to the chances of getting the disease. Finally, the existence of an autoimmune disease exposes one to the occurrence of kidney diseases (Stephens, 03).

It has highly advisable for an individual to seek medical help upon the occurrence of the following symptoms which indicate the onset of kidney nephritis. They are as follows; changes in urinating habits probably due to poor ultra-filtration of urine in the kidneys. Changes in urine color from pale yellow to foamy one. Similarly, the patient’s body organs may experience swelling in the hands, feet, ankles and face. And most prevalently, the appearance of blood in the urine (Stephens, 05). The above symptoms are common in both Acute and Chronic instances of kidney nephritis. There are various diagnostic techniques that have been developed to detect kidney nephritis. For instance, a blood test or urine test which identifies the presence of protein molecules in the urine. As such, the individual is diagnosed with kidney nephritis. Alternatively, Creatinine test has proved to be effective, it works to detect the presence of creatinine in the blood. The principle is that creatinine is a waste product and should be filtered by the kidneys which are functional. Nonetheless, a biopsy test is used to determine if the kidneys are totally affected by the disease, it involves the removal of the kidneys using a needle and performing laboratory analysis on the infected kidneys (Dresden, 02). Vitality of Kidney Functions in Physiological System

With time elapse, it is now possible to treat kidney nephritis. But there are factors which determine the type of treatment to be offered. In accordance, Acute nephritis is treatable with simple medication which follows special procedures to eliminate excessive fluids in the kidneys. Unlike the Chronic nephritis, the Acute nephritis resolves itself after some time. On the other hand, Chronic nephritis undergoes special medication with a proper knowledge about the patient’s blood pressure, monitoring and regular medical check-ups. Furthermore, the doctors have to prescribe medicines that prevent autoimmunity effects on the kidneys. In addition, the doctors may refer patients to a nutritionist in order to enhance proper dietary. For instance, diets with low intake of potassium are recommended (National Kidney Foundation, 01). Although it is hard to prevent the occurrence of kidney nephritis, it can be suppressed with a proper prevention routine. In doing so, the patient is advised to observe a healthy lifestyle such as reducing heavy weight which is a risk factor. The patient should also quit smoking, followed and also maintain blood pressure and blood sugar levels at a sustainable level. Finally and/or most importantly, an individual should exercise regularly, physical exercises are important in that the kidneys work properly (National Kidney Foundation, 02). Thus nephritis is preventable only that a person has to take a step in doing so.

To conclude, kidneys are vital component in the physiologic system, they work together with other physiologic systems to enhance the physiological mechanism in intact. Unfortunately, it can be affected by Kidney nephritis which causes their inflammation, and in severe cases it leads to death. It is thus of essence to identify its causes, risk factors, symptoms, treatment and prevention mechanism. Thus, kidney nephritis should be given proper attention to aid in its prevention and treatment for the physiological system to coordinate appropriately.Vitality of Kidney Functions in Physiological System



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