The CDC 2016 Strategies for The Prevention of Opioid Use Disorders

The use of opioids without the supervision of health professionals can lead to severe consequences such as the development of addiction. Moreover, opioid dependence is rapidly increasing. Its misuse is a life-threatening event that may result in complications. Thus, the CDC 2016 strategies are of great importance for people suffering from opioid use disorder because they help prevent CNS complications.

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The CDC 2016 strategies for the prevention of opioid use disorders aim to curb opioid deaths and drug abuse in the United States. For this reason, in December 2016, the Obama Administration issued a series of initiatives to overcome the opioid crisis (Dowell, Haegerich, & Chou, 2016). In addition, according to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), it an urgent issue in the United States. In this respect, HHS focuses its attention on the fact that healthcare professionals must supervise the opioid use disorder. Moreover, the CDC 2016 strategies aim to coordinate prescribing practices, reduce related deaths, and support patients in the recovery process.

In fact, the CDC 2016 strategies recognize that opioid use disorder has become an epidemic in the USA and requires immediate attention. The agency has pointed out that law enforcement agencies and public health facilities should cooperate in order to improve the situation. Thus, there is a need to implement educational programs to explain CNS complications that may occur due to the overdose and misuse of opioids. Moreover, it is necessary to improve treatment and monitor the prescription of medications. The recent study reports that the CDC 2016 strategies aim to distribute naloxone and syringe services (Frieden & Houry, 2016). This approach is expected to help prevent deaths caused by overdose.

Thus, the CDC 2016 strategies for the prevention of opioid use disorders were implemented to curb the opioids epidemic in the USA. Their realization may prevent CNS complications. In this way, law enforcement agencies try to help public healthcare facilities overcome opioid use disorder. Therefore, these strategies are likely to reduce opioids dependence.

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