technical writing/ revise a document- and write a rational paper

1_ REVISE the document (75 points). Think in terms of ALL that we have covered in this course and in Markel (doc design, sentences, graphics, headings, titles, persuasion, audience & purpose–to name a few). What changes should be made to the overall design of the document? What images or graphics would help fulfill the purpose of the document (in terms of the intended audience)? What sentences should be revised based on the topics from Chapter 10? How can the document be more cohesive in terms of titles, headings, paragraph structure, etc? You will want to make some significant changes to the document to make it stronger, considering audience & purpose. (Do not focus on sentence-level editing.) 
2_  Write a RATIONALE paper (75 points). Provide a rationale for the changes you make in the document you chose to revise. Compose a 3 pages well-organized document indicating exactly WHAT your revisions were and explaining WHY the revisions were necessary. Organize your document to be reader-centered (please use appropriate headings). This document is NOT a bullet list (use an essay-style document). Be thorough in your analysis of the revisions and modifications you made in your document. After reading your document, your reader should readily see not only WHAT changes were made (without having to do a line-by-line comparison of the original and revised documents) but also WHY those changes were made (why they are successful revisions) based on the information provided in Markel (be sure to reference the Markel textbook).
when revising focus on:
proximity, alignment, repetition, contrast.
Page layout, Columns (devide page to 2 columns), typography
Title, give an appropriate title
Heading, change the paper headings to make it more appropriate and understandable
^^^ all these changes could be the headings for the RATIONAL PAPER.
the original paper in the attachment

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