Sticking With Arnis

Somehow this sport is ignored and perhaps most Filipinos fail to recall it, and even the layers of Earns have been quite unnoticed. Take for example Tensile Palace. Despite all the accomplishments and contributions Palace has made for the school and the country through playing Earns, she unfortunately still does not seem to get the attention and appreciation she deserves. A passionate and graceful Earns varsity player born on April 4, 1 996, Hazels Gristliness R. Palace has given pride to the school and her country through her achievements in the sport.
Truly, junior BBS Psychology student Tensile Palace is not just your ordinary Eaten. During one interview, Tensile hares that she just heard about Earns from her uncle when she was in fifth grade. He taught her Earns basically for self defense, but that was also the time when Tensile became engrossed to earns. However, it wasn’t until college that she learned more about the sport and actually got to practice it. She started learning earns under Sir Richard Gallon in his PEE class.
Soon and luckily enough, she was invited to become part of the Atone College Earns Varsity team the semester after. Everything escalated from then on. Of all the mainstream sports, Palace chose to play a snubbed sport. And so e ask, M/why Earns? Why not volleyball or basketball or any other mainstream sport? ” Unexposed and out of sight, the MAC (Martial Arts Center) located near the college covered courts of ADAM is where Palace has regularly been practicing Earns for 2 years and 2 months now. Undeniably, she has grown in love with the sport.

To her, what got her interested in Earns is because of its history. She was also inspired by the stories of Sir Gallon on how Earns was used in the past. She says Earns could say a lot about our cultural background as Filipinos. “l guess I just really felt that I could help reserve that cultural heritage and that part of our identity as Filipinos through learning Earns and most probably passing it on to the younger generations in the future. So it’s not really about the sport and martial art being mainstream but the cultural heritage and sense of identity as Filipino,” says Tensile.
Earns indeed has a huge part on our individuality as Filipinos and it contributes immensely to our cultural growth. This ignored martial art, Earns, is what completes us as countrymen. And because we are armed with one of the many Filipino prides, it is our responsibility to uphold this art. Holding on strongly to that obligation is none other than Tensile. As proof, besides being part of the Atone College Earns Varsity team, she is also a part of KAMALA (Kali Earns Martial Arts Organization) and the Philippine Demonstration Team.
Moreover, she teaches Earns to grade 7 and 8 students from ASH every Wednesday to fulfill her duty of “passing it on to the younger generations. ” Since Tensile bountifully gives her time and efforts to preserve Earns, she needs to manage her time well. The building where she just had her consultation with one of her professors was hundreds of steps away from he MAC, so she bustled through the buildings and roads in campus as she was late for her training on one Monday afternoon. She beamed, though catching her breath, when she saw me waiting for her at Managing, then she apologized for being late.
Then and there, we started walking to their team’s training ground. As I watched her train until the late-night hour, I contemplated on how she brings about her time. Admittedly, Tensile said that she has difficulty with time management; with piled-up school tasks, training and family time, she tries her best to balance and sacrifice time for each. Neglected school responsibilities is a big no-no because academics is her first priority, and to help herself out, she decided not to be part of any school organizations this school year.
On the other hand, amidst all the busyness, keeping in touch with her family was never a failure for her. She says she is very open to them. When her parents call her on the phone daily, she often talks about what happened during her training. “My friends also get updated on what’s happening in my “Earns career”,” she laughs shyly. Although she is still a fresh competitor in the world of Earns, Tensile Palace has won numerous awards and only her university, family members and a couple friends recognized her success.
Listed below are some of the awards she received for merely the past few months. In spite being nervous and pressured, Palace did not make these an excuse not to excel in her first kickoff in the world stage. She was one of the hand-picked members of KAMALA to represent the Philippines in the 2014 World Martial Arts Festival in South Korea last August. This once in a lifetime experience has encouraged her to pursue Earns more, and she is definitely determined to make Earns now as a sport and as a martial art.


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