Sample Paper on The religious and political role of Prophet Muhammad

The religious and political role of Prophet Muhammad

To start with, the Muslims use historical data to show that prophet Muhammad is their religious and political role model. This argument is based on his accomplishments as well as on the Quran’s teachings. The Quran teaches that prophet Muhammad was the only prophet from Allah. It also teaches that prophet Muhammad was the only prophet that got the right scripture from Allah (Williams, 2011). This being the case, the Muslims regard Prophet Muhammad highly because he was the only and the last prophet from Allah.  Their argument is that as a prophet from Allah, Muhammad did not commit any sin to Allah thereby he becomes a role model to anyone who wishes to please Allah. In other words, the role that Prophet Muhammad plays in Islam as a political and religious role model is based on his accomplishments and Quran’s teachings.


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From a religious point of view, the Muslims believe that Prophet Muhammad is the only prophet from Allah. In comparison to Christians, Muslims compare Prophet Muhammad with Jesus who is the only son of God. This claim makes Prophet Muhammad a religious role model for the Muslims, as Jesus is a role model for the Christians. In addition, Prophet Muhammad brought the Quran, which is a collection of the holy words from Allah, to the Muslims. For this reason, the Quran is immune from all falsehood and errors. Having delivered the Quran teachings, then Prophet Muhammad became a religious model for the Muslims.

Politically, the Muslims use the Hadith, which are the approved sayings of Prophet Muhammad, to demonstrate that prophet Muhammad is their political role model. According to them, whatever prophet Muhammad accomplished in his life was right for the Muslims to practice. For this reason, Prophet is a political role model for the Muslims.


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