Sample English Creative writing on Air Pollution’s Effect on Nature

Air Pollution’s Effect on Nature

Article Critique


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This article provides an avenue to assess some of the causalities of air pollution, especially caused by hazardous gases that are released into the atmosphere. However, it is shallow since the causalities are limited to gaseous elements, but should rather be broad based to include other more intricate causalities. Additionally, the article lacks sufficient information showing how each of the elements given as causalities of air pollution actually affects nature since it only gives generalities without concrete scientific evidence. It also lacks sources (academic or professional) that can be used for verification or further analysis or reading of the information provided in the article. This means that the credibility of the article is thwarted and cannot be adequately relied upon for production as a peer reviewed article.

National geographic is a highly coveted and respectable peer resource due to the quality and credibility of their research, publications, journals, videos, and other types of article. Its existence over the past several decades has resulted in a collection of large volumes of data and researches on different topics, as well as the collection of some of the most brilliant researchers drawn from the academic and professional fields, and specializing in different interests and topics. Therefore, the collection of different professional and academic researchers spanning several decades has allowed for intricate researches and improvement of current research to produce works that can be held as credible and rich in content. In the article under, the data from the article has been generated from several sources, which has resulted in the final article containing several different broad based researchers that have been summarized and its content refined to generalities. This has made the article comprehensible to normal people who may have little or no knowledge in the field or topic they may be interested in understanding.

Article Summary

The article titled ‘Air Pollution’ that is sourced from the National Geographic website looks at the different forms of air pollution that affect the earth. It delves into an analysis of both visible and invisible forms of air pollution. It defines air pollution as any substance that can have adverse effects on living things and the surroundings after its introduction into the atmosphere. The article’s focus on ‘these substances’ is by considering gases as one of the primary means through which nature’s atmosphere is affected. These gases, especially greenhouse gases, are responsible for the increase in global temperatures that have resulted in global warming and climate change (Essick, National geographic). Therefore, this article focuses on how nature is affected by air pollution by showing how toxic gases are causalities to global warming.

One of the greenhouse gases that adversely affect the atmosphere is carbon dioxide. It is considered the main pollutant to the earth that is causing its warming. This gas is generated from plants (photosynthesis), human and animals (respiration), and machines such as cars, planes, and factories that burn fuel which is converted to carbon dioxide after combustion (Essick, National geographic). The article states that industrialization that has been experienced over the past two centuries has resulted in the rise in carbon dioxide levels that are comparable to levels recorded hundreds of thousands of years ago. Other greenhouse gases are such as methane that is derived from swamps and livestock, as well as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) which is used as a refrigerant and for aerosol propellants. Studies have indicated that the CFCs are especially damaging to the ozone layer hence its use has been banned in most countries.

Another hazardous gas is sulfur dioxide that is known to cause acid rain, as well as reflection of sun’s rays thereby causing cooling of the earth. One of the main sources of sulfur dioxide is volcanoes that have been known to cause cooling of the earth. In industrialized countries, they strive to reduce quantities of sulfur dioxide, smoke and smog in the atmosphere due to the adverse health and respiratory problems it causes people. However, recent research suggests that these changes in sulfur levels could be disastrous since they result in the earth becoming warmer through allowance of more sunlight to pass through the atmosphere (Essick, National geographic).









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