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The trip was known in advance only to a few and not announced to the public until the president had left Baghdad alarm space; he was accompanied by only a few select reporters and a small official entourage. The month ended with a spate of violence, much of it aimed at non-American foreigners. Seven Spanish intelligence officers died south of Baghdad Novo. 9 when their Subs were attacked by rocket- propelled grenades and a rifle fire. Separate attacks the same day also killed 2 Japanese diplomats and a Colombian OLL worker, and 2 South Korean contractors were killed in ambush Novo. 30. For all of November, guerrillas killed 104 coalition troops, Including 79 Americans. When they came under attack In Samara, Novo. 30, U. S. Forces struck back, killing 54 Iraqi fighters according to U. S. Military sources, although bodies were not recovered and Iraqi sources claimed many fewer were 1 OFFS largely Muslim nation that supported the U.
S. Invasion of Iraq. On Novo. 15, 2 Truck bombs exploded outside 2 synagogues in Istanbul, killing 25 people and wounding more than 250; most had been attending Sabbath prayers. On Novo. 20, Truck bombs exploded in Istanbul, at the British consulate and Turkish headquarters of HASH bank, killing 30 and injuring 450; the British consul general, Roger Short, was among those killed. An anonymous caller attributed the bank attack to al-Qaeda and the Islamic Front of Raiders of the Great Orient, a Turkish group that had also claimed responsibility for the synagogue bombings.
A car bomb that exploded Novo. 8 in a residential compound in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, claimed 17 lives and wounded more than 120. * Bush Visits Britain- Pres. Bush arrived in London Novo. 18 to begin a state visit to Britain. The next day he was welcomed by Queen Elizabeth lat Backing palace; in a speech he urged Britain to stand with the U. S. In a long term effort to defeat terrorism and bring democracy to Islamic nations of Middle East. Bush’s movements were sharply restricted for security reasons; the usual procession trough the streets was scrubbed, and he did not address Parliament.

Ata meeting between Bush and Prime Min. Tony Blair Novo. 20, the 2 deplored terrorist attacks that day in Turkey. The same day a crowd of anti Bush protesters estimated by authorities at 100,000 to 110,000 marched through London streets. President of Georgia Resigns – Pres. Eduardo Spearheaded resigned his office Novo. 23, after mass protest in Georgia. On Novo. 20, the Central Election Commission had certified that his supporters won the parliamentary election of Novo. 2, but international observers had reported instances of fraud, On Novo. 2, protestors had broken into Parliament, forcing Spearheaded, the last foreign minister of Soviet Union, to flee. His decade-long rule had been marked to ward the end by national economic collapse and charges of official corruption. General U. S. Episcopal church consecrates Gay Bishop- The Rev. V. Gene Robinsons consecrated Novo. 2 as bishop of New Hampshire, becoming the first openly gay prelatic The Episcopal Church U. S. A. The consecration went forward despite warnings from Anglican primates in Africa, Asia, and Latin Americana it could cause a schism in church.
Rowan Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury, issued a statement Novo. 2 that recognized the right of the American branch to choose its bishops, but expressed regret that the concerns of other church leaders had not been given consideration. On Novo. 3, Anglican leaders in Africa declared that they were in State of “impaired communion” with the U. S. Episcopalian. Man admits killing 48 women in”Green River” case- Gary Ridgeway, a resident of a Seattle “(WA) suburb pleaded guilty Novo. 5 to killing 48 young women, most of them prostitutes or runaways.
Since the sass authorities had been seeking the so-called Green River Killer, who had strangled the women after having sex with them and left many of their bodies near the river. Ridgeway confessed the crime in an agreement with prosecutors that spared him the death penalty; no other serial murderer in U. S. History had been convicted of so many killings. On DCE. 8, Ridgeway was sentenced to 48 consecutive life terms. 2002 DC Sniper Convicted – A Virginia Beach (VA) Jury Novo. 17 found John Muhammad guilty in sniper attacks that plagued the Washington, DC, accomplice, Lee Mallow, currently on trial separately.
He was convicted of 2 counts of capital murder, one for committing multiple murders over 3 years and one for killing Dean Meyers in Cot. 2002 to further a terrorist scheme aimed at extorting $10 mil. Muhammad was also found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder and illegal use of a firearm. Prosecutors relied on strong circumstantial evidence, including a rifle mound in his car that ballistics tests showed had been used in 13 shootings. The Jury Novo. 24 recommended a death sentence, which was imposed by the Judge Mar. 9,2004. Michael Jackson Arrested for Child Abuse- law enforcement officials in Santa Barbara, CA, Novo. 9 issued an arrest warrant for singer Michael Jackson on multiple counts of child molestation. They said that the pop star would be charged with “lewd and lascivious conduct” with a child under age 14. Allegations a decade earlier that he had molested a 13-year- old boy had been resolved out of court with a multimillion-dollar settlement. Jackson was booked at the Santa Barbara County Jail, Novo. 20, and released on $3 mil bail; he was formally charged DCE. 18. Jackson rejected the charge as unfounded. DECEMBER 2003 NATIONAL Bush Lifts Tarries on Steel Imports- Pres. George. W. Bush reversed one of his state policies DCE. When he lifted tarries on sport imported steel, effective DCE. 5. His administration had imposed the tarries in March 2002, and they were scheduled to be in effect for 3 years. However, the World Trade Organization Novo. 10 had upheld an earlier ruling declaring the tariffs illegal, and the European Union and a number f countries had threatened to retaliate against them. South Dakota Congressman Resigns After Conviction- Rep. William Jackson (RED), a former governor of the state, was convicted DCE. 8 of 2nd-degree manslaughter and other charges, and announced he would resign from Congress in January.
In August, Sandlots car had struck and killed a motorcyclist. Gore Endorses Dean for democratic nomination – Former Vice Pres. AH Gore DCE. 9 endorsed Howard Dean for a Democratic presidential nomination. Gore, the party’s presidential nominee in 2000, passed over another candidate, Seen . Joe Lieberman (CT), his 2000 running mate, and was redirected by some specially for having failed to notify Lieberman of his decision before it was made public. In DCE. 9 speeches in New York and Iowa, Gore praised Dean for being the only leading Democratic contender who had consistently opposed the Iraq war.
The 9 Democrats seeking the nomination debated that day in Durham, NH. On DCE. 14, Lieberman remarked, “If Howard Dean had his way, Sad Hussein would be in power today, not in prison. ” On DCE. 15, Dean asserted,”The capture of Sad Hussein has not made America safer. ” On DCE. 23, consumer advocate Ralph Ender, the Green Party presidential nominee in 1996 and 2000, said e would not seek the party’s nomination for 2004. Democrats elected in San Francisco, Houston- In a nonpartisan election, businessman Gavin Newswomen, a Democrat, won a runoff election for mayor of San Francisco DCE. , defeating Green Party member Matt Gonzalez, 53% to 47%; this was the best showing yet by a green in a U. S. Biscuit mayoral election. Newswomen was to succeed outgoing Mayor Wily Democrat and a former U. S. Deputy energy secretary, won with 62% of the vote, defeating Cuban-born Ronald Sanchez, a Republican. Supreme Court Upholds Campaign Finance Law- A 5-4 majority on the U. S. Supreme Court, DCE. 10, upheld the 2002 campaign-finance law as a constitutional approach to combating spending abuses in a political process.
The 2002 Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act had been challenged on first-amendment grounds by a number of desperate organizations; they objected to the ban on unlimited “soft money’ contributions to the political parties and to a ban on certain advertising Just prior to elections. California Governor Declares Fiscal Crisis- Gob. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R,CA) DCE. 18 declared that his state was in a fiscal crisis. This proclamation would allow him, he said, to cut pending by $1 50 mil without having to get the legislature’s approval.
Californians bond ratings had been reduced to near Junk-bond levels, and a state deficit of $15 bill was projected for 2004. Terror alert in U. S. Is Raised to ‘High’- Tom Ridge, secretary of homeland security, announced DCE. 21 that the U. S. Antiterrorism alert status was being raised to “high” (orange) from “elevated” (yellow). Ridge said that the danger of a terrorist attack was “perhaps greater now than at any point since Swept. 11, 2001 . ” He cited unspecific new intelligence information that suggested plans to strike during the holiday season. On DCE. 24, Air France, responding Tao U.
S. Request, canceled 6 flights between Paris and Los Angles; U. S. Officials reportedly suspected that the passengers on the flights could have links to terrorism. On the same day the FBI circulated a warning to law enforcement organizations to be on the watch for almanacs, since they could be used by terrorist “to assist with target selection and pre-operational planning. ” Some media reports noted the warning humorously, since these general reference works, official the largest * selling is The World Almanac and Book of Facts, are read by millions of people each year. On DCE. 9, the Department of Homeland Security announced a Rule requiring armed air marshals on certain foreign carriers’ flights entering U. S airspace that intelligence suggested were at special risk of terrorist attack. When a British Airways plane landed at Dulles International Airport outside Washington, DC, DCE. 31, authorities held the passengers, interviewing some, and rescanned the luggage. U. S. Bans Use of Weight Reduction Pill- the Bush administration DCE. 30 said it would prohibit use of Phaedra, a herbal supplement used by millions of Americans to lose weight or to improve athletic performance.
Tommy Thompson, secretary of Health and Human services, said the supplement “was too risky to be used. ” Phaedra had been linked to heart attacks, stokes, and sudden deaths. In February 2003, Steve Bechtel, a pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles, died after taking Phaedra tablets, and a medical examiner said that the supplement was a factor in his death. Special Council to Investigate Leak of Agent’s Name- Tatty. Gene. John Ashcroft DCE. 30 removed himself from any role in the investigation into the leaking of a CIA name Tao journalist.
At issue was whether anyone in the Bush administration had violated the awe by revealing the name of the agent, Valerie Blame, to columnist Robert Novak, who published her name in July. The Justice dept. Said DCE. 30 that a special council would head the investigation. Blame was the wife of Joseph Wilson, a former U. S. Ambassador who had publicly cast doubt on an administration assertion of nuclear for 3 years in a row, investors had much to cheer about DCE. 31, as major stock indexes showed large gains for 2003. The DOD Jones industries average has risen 25%to 10,453. 92.
A broader measure, Standard and Poor’s 500-stock index, posted a 26%gain, moving up to 1. 92. The tech-Agave NASDAQ index advanced 50%, to 2003. 37. Averages were still below their all-time highs of the late sass, however.. Forces Strike Back in Iraq- U. S. Forces continued the tactic of launching massive raids targeting insurgents resisting the occupation. On DCE. 2, 1,000 troops raided Hajji, west of Kirk, in an effort to capture an aide to former Pres. Sad Hussein. Ata meeting in Iraq DCE. 6 with U. S. Sec. OF Defense Donald Remorseful, Lit. Gene. Richard Sanchez said that attacks on U. S. Ores were running below 20 a day, half the rate of a few weeks earlier. Remorseful Visits Afghanistan- Amid reports of a growing number of attacks on u. S forces in Afghanistan

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