Reading Response

Textbook:  Media in Society by authors Richard Campbell, Joli Jensen, Douglas Gomery, Bettina Fabos & Julie Frechette (2014). Bedford St. Martin’s Press.

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Criteria for Reading Response Papers
Reading Responses are substantive reflections on assigned readings, and will be due via the digital drop box as specified above.  In this course, the Reading Responses will serve as the key to creating and learning, understanding, and evaluation. Each Response consists of at least 3-5 points with supporting quotes per chapter, and 1-2 points with supporting quotes per article and/or video that you reflect upon as they correlate with the concepts and theories discussed in each assigned reading.

The purpose of the Reading Response is to help you understand course readings and to synthesize ideas you find there.

Note that the reading summary should include direct citations from the assigned readings so that I can see that you have engaged in the readings and have contemplated the ramifications of this new knowledge / ideas on your own understanding and formation of gender and media.  Make sure to use parenthetical references in the body of your paper [i.e., According to Campbell et al.,…..” (2014, Campbell et al., p.#).

The goal of your paper is not only to summarize the readings, but also to aim for analysis and evaluation (what is the thesis, how is it supported, what are its strengths and weaknesses) and comparison with other readings and ideas. Sometimes it helps to begin with questions, but then you should aim to try to answer the questions you raise. The tone of the responses should be academic / formal, although the use of first person is ok, so long as you do more than respond on a gut level to the readings. Gut responses are part of the thinking process, and they frequently lead you to greater understanding, but they need to be incorporated into other kinds of critical thinking that render themselves more formally (theoretically and conceptually in your written work). In other words, engage the reading and its ideas with all your critical faculties.

More specifically, you need to include the following information: the author(s) and title(s) you’re linking or discussing, the primary arguments addressed in the text(s), and what specific issues, arguments, problems, possibilities, etc. you’re addressing in your 5-7 page response paper. Articulate as carefully as possible the stances or arguments of the author(s), and then find a space for writing yourself into the conversation.

Your Reading Responses will be graded by the quality of their engagement with and understanding of the ideas presented in the readings and your adherence to the terms of the assignment, as well as organization, style, and mechanics. Late responses, or those not clearly tied with the readings and these specifications, will not be graded and will be marked as a zero.

Examples of well-written and documented student reading response papers are located in Blackboard.

SUMMARY for READING RESPONSE ESSAYS:  In addition to the aforementioned criteria, here is a summary of  the areas that you need to attend to:

A) Since we do not have any exams in the course, students are required to include a summary with direct quotes / citations from ALL readings assigned, including online links in addition to the course text AND videos (chapters and videos need at least 3 points / quotes and articles need at least one main point and quote);

B) be sure to include at least 3-5 points in your summaries from the assigned chapters along with 3-5 supporting quotes; 1-2 points and supporting quotes per article and video posted in the schedule;

C) use parenthetical references in the text when using quotes / citations [author, year, p. # if indicated];

D) be sure to include references and a bibliography in APA format [see and click on APA style];

E) include your own voice, not just the summary, being careful to back up your analysis with cited quotes from the readings;

F) make sure to obtain assistance from the writing center if you struggle with writing!  Even if you’re a strong writer, make sure to have someone proof read your paper before submission, and run spell check!

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