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Charles Telfair Institute – Mauritius BSBMGT401A show leadership in the workplace (SIN D0841) ASSESSESSMENT 1 – GROUP PROJECT (WORK RELATED PRACTICAL TASK) GROUP PROJECT COVER SHEET CANDIDATES’ NAMES: Ashveena Moorgawa, Meghna Nagessur and Jessica Sevathiane | We declare this evidence has been produced by the undersigned. Candidates’ Signatures: ____________________________________ Date Submitted: 17/04/2013| ASSESSOR’S NAME: Maryline LAMY| Evidence to be presented: | Part/E| PC| 1st Attempt| 2nd Attempt| Comments| A E1| 1. 1| | | | BE1| 1. 2| | | | CE1| 1. 3| | | | DE1| 1. 4| | | | EE2| 2. 1-2. 3| | | | FE3| 3. 1-3. 6| | | |
Assessor to CompleteGeneral Comment:Result Satisfactory Not SatisfactoryAssessor’s Signature: _________________________________ Date: __________________Candidates’ Signatures: ________________________________ Date: __________________Please Note: If a candidate is not satisfied with the assessment outcome he/she may lodge an appeal. | Charles Telfair Institute – Mauritius BSBMGT401A SHOW LEADERSHIP IN THE WORKPLACE (SIN D0841) ASSESSESSMENT 1 – GROUP PROJECT (WORK RELATED PRACTICAL TASK) GROUP PROJECT INSTRUCTIONS Project for: | BSBMGT401A show leadership in the workplace| Due date:| Final submission: Date indicated in the DAS|
Description of the Task:| You are required to provide answers to questions related to the three elements of competence. | General overviewThis assessment is designed to give you the opportunity to show you have the skills and knowledge required to show leadership in the workplaceElements covered 1 Model high standards of management performance and behaviour 2 Enhance Organisation Image 3 Making Informed DecisionsRequirements 1 In groups of 3 – 4 students, you are required to address Part A to Part F 2 No word limit is imposed, quality is more important than quantity.

Make sure you address all parts of the question and provide sufficient detail to illustrate your answers. 3 Each task is to be word processed and presented in a logical and easy to read format. | Ashveena Moorgawa:| Part A and E| Meghna Nagessur:| Part B and C| Jessica Sevathiane:| Part D and F| Contents Part A6 Answer A. 16 Answer A. 27 Answer A. 38 Part B8 Answer B9 Part C9 Answer C9 Part D9 Answer D10 Part E14 Answer E. 114 Answer E. 215 Answer E. 316 Part F16 Answer F18 “End of paper”19 Charles Telfair Institute – Mauritius BSBMGT401A SHOW LEADERSHIP IN THE WORKPLACE| SIN D0841) ASSESSMENT A – WORK RELATED TASKS Part A E1 PC1. 1 Read the case study. Write down your responses to the tasks. Case study Jennifer has recently been recruited by a retail store as a frontline manager. Jennifer has previous experience as a team leader but this is her first frontline management position. Her responsibilities include team rosters, coordinating security in her department, managing displays, team member supervision and stock control. 1. Identify what Jennifer needs to find out what the organisation expects of her performance and behaviour.
Answer A. 1 The function of a front line manager is mainly centered on the daily activities of a department. His role is mainly to do the short term planning, motivate its subordinates and accomplish the day to day task. As Jennifer is also a front line manager, the organization expects her be fair towards all the employees . She should treat all the employees equally. She should be able to organize the roster fairly taking in consideration all the employees. She should be able to identify the right employees and put the right people to work.
She should share information with her employees in order for them to know how the work should be done. She should be intelligent in order to know if whether there is a leakage in the information she should be able to handle the problem quickly. Concerning the displays in the retail store Jennifer should be imaginative in order to know what articles should be display to attract customers. She should look at the cleanliness of the store and should be open to listening and learning from other people to know what is the latest trend. Jennifer should be a good leader; she has to be a representative for the employees.
Jennifer has to constantly remind the employees the vision, values, goals, standard and image of the organization. Jennifer should always be here to listen, coach and motivate her workers to build an effective work. Jennifer should be able to take effective decision for the team objective. She has to be fair towards all her team member and not favouritism anyone. As a frontline manager, Jennifer should be honest concerning the stock control as employees are going to follow her path and constantly taking note on her behaviour. Jennifer should be trust worth and not afraid to take decision or actions whenever needed.
She should be well organize and have a proper recording of the stock. Reference: Management principles 2nd edition PJ SMIT & GJ DEJ CRONJE 2. What sources of workplace information are available to help Jennifer in establishing the organisation’s requirements? Answer A. 2 The source to help Jennifer establishing the organization requirements , is that, she has to know the policies and procedures, that is, policies is the guidelines adopted by the organization to reach its long term goals and procedures are the action taken to achieve the day to day operations.
Jennifer should work the company code of ethics that is the principles and values that directs behaviour of what is good and wrong and it can also influence decision making. Jennifer should know what is the code of conduct, what behaviour is accepted in the workplace and what type of dress should she wear at work. Jennifer has to keep confidential information about her workplace. She should not speak badly about the company and has to know about health and safety. What precautions should be taken for the employees’ in order to have a safe and health workplace. 3. How could Jennifer monitor her own performance?
Answer A. 3 Jennifer can monitor her own performance when she saw that she has achieved the goals that she has set and compare the results with the planned performance. For example her team members are doing the job well as she has trained them or there has been an increase in sales. When the customers are satisfied there will be no complaints at all. She can also monitor her performance when she will get good feedback from her superiors and everyone is satisfied with her job. Also when she will see what she has contributed in the organization. Part B E1 PC 1. 2 Read the case study.
Write down your response to the task. Case study Matthew has received advice that the rostering system is to be changed next month. The change means that the organisation will be able to offer extended trading hours to their clients. This should offer them quite an advantage over their competitors. Matthew is concerned that several members of the team will be unhappy about the changes. He is aware that several team members will need to make new arrangements for childcare, family arrangements and transport. Describe how Matthew can behave as a positive role model to his team during this period of change.
Answer B In this organization, they are planning to change the roster system by next month, where the staff has to extend their working hours. Matthew is concerned that several members will be unhappy about the changes. So being the team leader and also change agent, he has to motivate his team by acting as a positive role model. First Matthew has to be a good decision maker in order to help the staff cope with the changes in the company. Several factors must be taken into consideration while making these changes for example: arrangement for childcare, family and transport.
Matthew acting as a positive role model he must have a plan, know how to lead, organise and control. Concerning arrangements for childcare, Matthew can discuss with his top management to see if they can provide the staff with a nursery near the working place. This will allow the parents to focus on their roles, knowing that their children are being cared in a safe environment nearby. For family arrangements, Matthew can consult the finance department in order to see if they can, pay part of exam fees, for staff’s children. They can also provide health care insurance for family members.
Health Insurance will pay specified amounts of money to cover medical expenses or treatments. Reference: humanresources. about. comodenefits For transport, Matthew can take organize loan facilities for staff to purchase new car. He can also arrange transport for staff’s children; that is vehicles will fetch the children from school to nursery or willing destination. By this, staff will be at ease as they will know their children are in safe hands. As they will have night shifts, the company will arrange transport, so that the staff will not be facing any difficulties.
Being a positive role model Matthew can opt for these benefits. As the company will be more advantageous over their competitors, this will bring it more profit. So, the Team Leader must create a win-win situation whereby both staff and the company will be profitable. A good role model also does what he says, so Matthew will have to keep his promise towards his staff. He must also be open to them, so that they will not hesitate to share ideas concerning the changes in the company. Part C E 1 PC 1. 3 Describe the characteristics of an effective performance plan. Answer C
Performance Planning is designed to assist Leaders and Staff in communicating about performance. Continuous application of these guidelines will ensure that employees know what is expected of them, how they are performing and what can be done to strengthen performance. The characteristics of an effective performance plan are as follows: 1. Demonstrate leadership commitment to the process and the plan. To be effective, a performance plan should have commitment of both manager and team member. This may be in terms of resources provided or brainstorming sessions. . Promotes environment of common understanding of goals and priorities. Development plans and performance reviews focus upon coaching and developing employees, for example helping them to reach their full potential. 3. Creates feeling of ownership and team effort among unit members. Showing Trust is the most important. If there is trust, then members will not hesitate to work to their full capacity. Group dynamics will be formed, that is team building among team members. 4. Makes clear alignment of unit initiatives with Vision, Mission and Goals. Vision: A strong vision and the willingness to see through it is one of the most important characteristic. It is a long-term view and concentrates on the future. It can be emotive and is a source of inspiration. * Mission: Defines the fundamental purpose of an organization or an enterprise, succinctly describing why it exists and what it does to achieve its vision. The leader who believes in the mission and works toward it, will be an inspiration and a resource to their followers. * Goal: Goals are for which the firm is striving and the policies by which it is seeking to get there.
A goal is sometimes called a roadmap- which is the path chosen to plow towards the end vision. The most important part of implementing the goal is ensuring the company is going in the right direction which is towards the end vision. 5. Promotes coherence in unit programs, services and operations. If the entire team acts without regard for one another or is lacking sense of camaraderie in teamwork, the team leader will need to know quickly and carefully to remedy the situation. (Without cohesion, we don’t have a team) 6. Results in plan that serves a management and decision making tool.
Among the most useful tools for planning is SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). The main objective of this tool is to analyse internal strategic factors, strengths and weaknesses attributed to the organization, and external factors beyond control of the organization such as opportunities and threats. 7. Communicates clearly the unit priorities to all stakeholders. Effective communication helps keep the team working on the right projects with the right attitude. If we communicate clearly about expectation, issues and advice our stakeholders will be more likely to react and trust our company. . Feedback and performance appraisal Regular feedback combined with yearly performance appraisals is an effective tool for discussing performance issues objectively and specifically with staff. Effective planning increases the likelihood of success for a program while ineffective planning practices almost results in false starts and frustrations. When a group is aware of the characteristics of effective planning and monitors the presence of these characteristics formally or informally, they will be a step closer to high quality program.
Since it is formal and written, it acts as a guide management for example it can clarify staff expectations. Performance plan can also serve as a benchmark for next review period for setting another performance plan. But what is also important is consistency, coherence and a well coordinated performance plan. The most important stakeholder in the performance plan is the Staff Members, because it is then who will put it into practice. Hence, there should be sense of ownership and motivation. Part D E1 PC 1. 4 Read the case study. Write down your response to the task. Case study
Courtney is responsible for managing a team of eight customer service officers who assist customers by telephone. The procedure for providing telephone service in this organisation is: * greet the customer by name * advise customer of your name * offer to assist them * ask permission before asking them questions * use the customer’s name * do not interrupt them or speak-over them * respect their privacy * be alert to any special needs that they may have * offer additional services where appropriate * thank them for their custom * check whether their needs have been satisfied.
Develop a range of key performance indicators that would be suitable to monitor and report on the performance of customer service officers. If you are currently employed you may develop key performance indicators to measure performance in your own work team. Answer D The Key Performance Indicators are used to measure the performance of the organization and its staff. They determine the success of their operations. The key management issue is not what the numbers tells us about the performance but it is what we do with those numbers to resolve the issues that avoid us from performing properly our tasks.
Courtney can monitor and report on the performance of her team by implementing as key indicators: * Time to answer a call * A call should be answered within the first 10 seconds. * This indicator will measure the time from which the call was received and the time at which the officer answered it. * It measures the customer service center performance rather than the performance of the officers themselves. * This performance indicator depends however on the availability of the officers to answer the calls when they are meant to do so. * Voice quality service This indicator depends on the quality of the call. If the line is of poor quality, the customers and the officers have to repeat themselves continuously and this may lead to high customer frustration and call abandonment. * This indicator will help to know if the technologic equipments are good enough or need to be upgrade or change to be able to treat more efficiently the quieries and reduce customer frustration and call abandonment. * Abandon calls * This indicator will measure the number of callers who disconnect, or are disconnected, before the calls reach the officers. It measures the customer service center performance rather than the performance of the officers themselves and is however related to Call Handling time. * Call Handling time * This indicator will be measured in seconds; it is the time that an officer will spend on the line with a customer. * The call handling time varies from call to call as it depends on the complexity of the caller’s issue. The more time an officer spend with one call, the less number of calls he/she will be able to treat during the day. * Average call handling time is also a metric for the customer center as a whole and for individuals’ teams. * First call Resolution This indicator will measure the number of issues resolved during the first call and that do not require either the customer to call back or an officer to make an outgoing call to the customer. * This indicator will be indirectly a measurement of the officer performance. The more knowledge the officer will have, more issues he/she will be able to resolve and the higher his/her FCR will be. But it is not an exact measurement because the caller could have call several times before having the right person on the line and the resolution of the call may require the action of someone else such as a supervisor or another department. FCR is difficult to accurately measure and should be evaluated with care. * Repeated calls * This indicator is to measure the number of call from customers who calls several times in order to obtain the assistance they are asking for and who did not get the answers or solutions the first time they called. * Transfer rate * In addition to FCR, this indicator will measure the percentage of calls that an officer has to transfer to someone else to complete; a supervisor or another department. * The reason for the transfer could be the officer’s fault or a request of the caller. * Redundant time/Idle time This indicator will measure the duration of the unused time the officers will take between two calls. * The idle time should not be more than 5mins, the officer should be able to computerize the information and at the same time give the information to the customer. * The more unused time an officer spend between two calls, the more calls are abandoned. * Hold-On time * This indicator will measure in seconds, the time the officer keeps a caller on hold during a call. * It may be the time needed to look something up or to talk to someone else to find an answer to the caller’s issue. The Hold-on time may not be more than 60 seconds. If after 60 seconds the officer has not yet find an answer he/she should take the line and tell the customer that he is still looking for a solution and ask politely to the customer to wait some more or tell him/she that he’s going to call him/her back. * Phone Etiquette * This will measure the quality of the officer’s etiquette during the call. * It normally consists of a number of factors, sometimes weighted, that are checked off by a quality monitor listening to the call. The more factors that are checked off, the higher the officer score.
These include items such as “greeted customer by name”, “spoke in a clear, calm voice”, and “repeated caller’s issue to verify understanding”. * Knowledge and Professionalism * This will measure the quality of the officer’s knowledge during the call. * Adherence to procedures * This will measure how well the officer followed the company’s procedures during the call i. e. : * greet the customer by name * advise customer of your name * offer to assist them * ask permission before asking them questions * use the customer’s name * do not interrupt them or speak-over them * respect their privacy * be alert to any special needs that they may have offer additional services where appropriate * thank them for their custom * check whether their needs have been satisfied. * Customer satisfaction * This will measure how well the officer treated the call. * It is related to the: * Time to answer a call * Voice quality service * First call Resolution * Hold-On time * Phone Etiquette * Knowledge and Professionalism * Adherence to procedures Reference: http://management. about. com/od/metrics/a/Call-Center-Kpi. htm Part E E 2 PC ALL 1. Describe the method you would use to communicate with your senior manager regarding an issue you have identified with the organisation’s standards or values.
Answer E. 1 Method that I would use to communicate with my senior manager regarding issues in the organization standards or values would be face to face communication. Face to face communication is the process of sending and receiving message through verbal mean. Face to face communication, both the sender and the receiver can have an interaction, so both of the senior manager and me can exchange our opinion. If we send emails or through phone, message can be misinterpreted, so with face to face communication we can pass our message without changing its meaning.
Face to face communication will help me to express my ideas, opinions and making my senior manager understand what the problem is about. As organization standard and values are confidential for an organization meeting face to face the senior manager will be a good option as face to face communication is a personal method. An immediate decision can be taken with face to face communication and we can also discuss over the problem. References: http://www. change communications. htm http://www. brightface-communication 2. How would you respond if you were required to behave in a way that did not align with your personal values? Answer E. If I were required to behave in a way that is not align with my personal values, I would try to bring my own culture and values to the organization where possible and try to implement the values into the organization. I can make a group of employees sit together and identify our common values and see if these values can be implemented in the organization. We can tell the employees to come and report without fear when they see an unethical behaviour. I will try to talk with my senior manager to explain him how we can find a solution to the problem Reference: http://humanresources. about. com. /od/leadership/aleader-values. htm 3.
How would you model behaviours to team members that would encourage them to contribute to developing an organisation which has integrity and credibility? Answer E. 3 I would encourage my team members to help to contribute in an organization which has integrity and credibility by adopting the work policies and procedures of the organization. Policies mean the guideline adopted by an organization to reach its long term goals and procedures is the action taken to achieve the day to day operations. Thus the employees will follow the path. When I will communicate to my team members I will talk sense and objectively that is directly to the point.
I have to talk honestly to my team member I will work with the company code of ethics, that is, principles and values that directs behaviour of what is good and bad. Also the code of conduct what is the dress code so as to set the examples for the team members. Whenever I have made a mistake I should take my responsibility and be truth towards the organization. As a good model to my team I should not accept gifts for my own benefits. I should not talk against the company in public this will bring the company a bad image and influence the employees to do so. Part F E 3 PC ALL Read the case study.
Write down your response to the task. Case study Roshani is very concerned. Jordan is the newest member of the team, having recently completed his High School Certificate. Jordan came to Roshani’s office yesterday with a serious complaint. He received an email from a colleague yesterday that included sexually inappropriate material. Jordan surprises Roshani when he tells her that it is commonplace for the team to share inappropriate email jokes and to view inappropriate material on the Internet in the workplace. Jordan wants Roshani to make this behaviour stop without telling his colleagues that he has lodged a formal complaint.
Roshani is keen to try the group problem-solving techniques that she has been exploring in her frontline management course. She organises a team meeting with the objective of having the team develop its own solution to this problem. You are to prepare a short report that describes how Roshani and her team could go about resolving the problem of inappropriate use of the Internet and email by team members. Your report should address the following: * gathering and organising relevant information * helping team member to make decisions * examining options and assessing risks * making timely decisions and communicating them preparing a plan to implement their decision * gathering feedback regarding the implementation and impact of the team’s decision. Answer F REPORT OXIDAM WINES To:| Staff members| From:| Roshani Appassamy – Frontline Manager of Oxidam Wines| Date:| 7th April 2013| Re:| Misuse of internet during working hours| Following the fact that it has been noted with much concern from last month IT analysis worksheet that certain employees share inappropriate email jokes and view sexual material on the Internet during office hours and the staff meeting held on 5th April 2013, please find below what have been discussed and agreed upon.
It has been decided that the company’s computers must solely be used to: a) communicate and deliver timely information to the public b) perform research c) stay informed with current events affecting the job responsibilities d) communicate with fellow colleagues, business partners and clients e) communicate with family in case of emergency To avoid: a) misunderstandings and conflicts among the team b) colleagues feeling harassed c) computers and network infection by viruses d) tampering of important files and clients data ) crashed of the server It has been agreed that: a) “Chat Programs” like Yahoo Messenger or Microsoft Messenger are not permitted and should be removed immediately. b) “Chat Rooms” and other types of forums unless related to company research and are company approved, are not permitted. c) Social Networking such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. sites are absolutely not allowed. d) No “Porno” or other forms of “Adult Only. ” Besides being offensive to employees and customers, it could be grounds for the company to be sued.
We would hate for customers to think all we do is surf garbage. This will be grounds for immediate termination. e) “Personal” anything must be kept to a minimum on company computers. Lunch breaks are not “Surfing Breaks. ” Some employees confessed that they were not aware of the company’s internet use policies as they did not read the code of ethic which was given to them. Most of them did know that the misuse of internet and sending inappropriate mails was punishable.
A new copy of the code of Ethic will be given again to all members of the staff. A form will be attached to it. All employees are requested to read the policies and duly sign the form to acknowledge receipt. Should any employee infringe the company’s computer policies, this will lead to termination of employment without prior notice. A follow-up meeting is schedule for the 10th May 2013, please bring along your comments and any findings. Sources: http://www. iscnetwork. com/cutcosts/companypolicy. shtml “End of paper”


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