Principle of Tourism 2

. Transportation Tourism Attractions TOUR OPERATORGOVERNMENT Accommodation and Food and Beverage Transportation Travel Agency 2. ? 1950, there are 25 million tourist arrivals around the world? 2007 to 903 million in? Forecasted by 2010 1 billion? Forecasted by 2020 1. 6 billion by 2020. 3. ? The World Bank 2005 estimates, 1. 4 billion people are living in the poverty line.? New threshold for extreme poverty using the 2005 prices is now pegged at $1. 25.? The multiplier effect is experienced on other industries like handicrafts, agriculture, fisheries and transport. 4. Acts as intermediaries for the customers. They broker on behalf of the tourist from accommodation to tour operators. They receive commissions from their suppliers such as hotels, food and beverage establishments and tour operators as well as earn their revenues from their principal (customers). 5. ? Business travelers? Leisure travelers? International travelers. 6. ? The concept of travel agency started in 1841, when Thomas Cook (father of travel agencies) signed up 570 people to accompany him to a packaged travel from Leicester to Loughborough that included board and lodging arrangements. . ? Miniples ? Similar businesses to independents but they have more branches and usually a head office in a local area ? The different branches may trade under different names ? Other small independents may be bought up and added to the miniple 8. ? Multiples ? Private companies usually with a high street presence in most UK towns and cities ? Part of large organisations which trade in other areas of travel and tourism ? Many customers attracted by large discounts 9. Independent ? These are private companies that have one or a few branches, often close to each other. ? Cater to a niche market. ? Rely on repeat business from satisfied customers 10. ? Mega travel agencies, as the name denotes is based on their size and scope. These are large travel agencies that own and control all aspects of their operations. They provide complete travel services that include transportation, accommodation and others related to the needs of their clients. 11. Consortiums are group of travel agents who formed an association to maximize buying power and sharing of technology.? Independent travel agencies are small-scale businesses that cater to a specific niche like corporate travel services or specialized travel needs 12. ? The Philippine Travel Agencies Association (PTAA) was founded through the union of the national associations of the outbound travel agencies and inbound tour operators in 1979.? Founded to foster unity in the travel industry and to promote the welfare of its members and the travelling public as well. 3. ? Typically creates and combines products from the value chain of travel and tour. For example, the package created may include airline (transportation), Hotel (accommodation) and a tourism attraction all in one price.? Tour operators may sell these products to travel agencies who act as representatives of the principal (customer). 14. ? The training program is designed to produce individuals who will guide DOT visitors by presenting the country in the best possible light in an interesting, intelligent & engaging manner.

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