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respond to these two discussion posts you don’t have to cite anything just in your own words repond to them make sure your responses are at least 6 or more sentences each please

hear is the question: What, if anything, do you think that the U.S, should have done concerning the Holocaust?  Do you think that the U.S. has the obligation to intervene to protect human rights overseas?


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response 1: Although the United States could have done more to aid the victims of Nazi Germany and its collaborators, large-scale rescue was impossible by the time the United States entered the war. In January 1944, President Roosevelt created the War Refugee Board, which took significant measures to aid Jews and other victims. 
The United States in some respects did a first go-around, albeit unilaterally, in implementing the concept of sovereignty as a form of responsibility. In meeting with foreign governments, Administration officials always emphasized that it was the responsibility of governments first and foremost to protect the human rights of their populations. But if they failed to do so, the United States had a right and a responsibility to act on the basis of its laws and international commitments. Acting meant taking a series of calibrated steps from vigorous diplomacy to military and economic sanctions. Today’s concepts of sovereignty as responsibility and R2P surely arise from that experience but today’s concepts importantly broaden the responsibility to a collective one. In fact, the R2P framework, from prevention through peace building, looks very like a multilateral human rights policy with the added leverage of potential military force should atrocity crimes occur or continue.

response2: Auschwitz was a product of Adolf Hitler’s demented belief that Germans constituted a master race which had a right to kill those they deemed inferior. “Nature is cruel, therefore, we too may be cruel,” Hitler stated in 1934. 
I took a holocaust class in high school and I was skeptical of learning the subject. It’s a touchy subject and my personality is one shows empathy. To be honest, I think I cried about 3 times during that semester. My best friend is Jewish so to think that it effects her and her family is saddening. I wish to believe that the US did as much as they could to help all of those lives but to think of it statistically, the US helped about 10% of the quota. The US and Britain wouldnt’t bombed the gas chambers or the railroads because it would effect the air support essentials. In my opinions, crappy excuses. Those are innocent lives of men, women and children being taken away just because of their religion. In previous discussion, I have notice that that is the main reason for conflict. Even to this day, racism is still the biggest problem we have. If we haven’t solved the situation after a hundred years, we wont solve it anytime soon. 

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