Practices in Public Health Sample

Practices in Public Health Sample

  • Visit the following website:
  • Source: Environmental health: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Retrieved from and answer the following:
  1. What role does health education play in effective environmental health programs?
  2. Choose a campaign or program from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Environmental Health section to illustrate the main points of your response.
  • At least 250 words
  • Provide proper citation

Environmental health programs are among the many responsibilities that society must embrace to ensure environmental sustainability objectives recommended by international organizations such as the UN and WHO are achieved. Several ways of maintaining environmental safety and cleanliness exist and they are dependent on the knowledge and skills of individuals, which are acquired through health education. Practices in Public Health Sample


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The latter refers to giving advice or guidance, as well as imparting knowledge on issues affecting the external environmentand the manner in whichto maintain a healthy environment, good hygiene, as well as personal health. Health education entails the provision of skills and knowledge on how to enhance food health and quality. Health education plays an integral role in campaigns such as the Food Safety Campaign, which is supported by the Center for Disease and Control (CDC).

Based on the knowledge acquired throughhealth education, the continuous outbreaks of food-related diseases and complications such asfood poisoning, water-borne diseases, and bacterial infections could be addressed. Health education also contributes to the Food Safety Campaign, as it stresses that the kitchen environment should be kept clean. It provides individuals with knowledge on the procedures of keeping the kitchen clean. Through health education, individuals learn the significance of washing of hands when handling food; perspectives that are emphasized by the Food Safety campaign supported by CDC (Blanch, 2003). Practices in Public Health Sample


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