Pick one of the following topics and write an introductory paragraph: The strategies I use to reach my goals include, Reasons why people lie, The person that I admire is . . .

Pick one of the following topics and write an introductory paragraph.

  1. The strategies I use to reach my goals include …
  2. Reasons why people lie…
  3. The person that I admire is . . .


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What is a conclusion?

The Concluding Paragraph provides closure and often summarizes the main idea or restates the thesis.
The 2 primary goals of the concluding paragraph are as follows:


Example 1: Sample Concluding Paragraph
As a result, computers have had a great impact on modern life.  Interactive computer programs enable children to conduct research and assemble reports at home. The internet provides immediate exposure to world news, live webcams, and countless other sources of information. Parents can help their children effectively use computers to enhance learning.

Concluding Paragraph Analysis

  1. Restatement of main idea. 
  2. Specific mentioning of key ideas (mentioned in hypothetical paper).
  3. Final reinforcement of key point.

Example #2: Sample Concluding Paragraph

There is no doubt about the dangers of texting while driving.  With a strong effort by MADD and a change in the way people think, drunken driving is no longer viewed as acceptable. Strong legal rules are in place to charge drunken drivers. Texting while driving needs strong controls and enforcement.  Over time, social acceptance of distracted driving will decrease. The penalties need to be significant.

  • Your Assignment: You will now write a concluding paragraph on one of the given topics.
  • Your conclusion will be between 4 and 6 sentences in length.
  • (your conclusion can go with your introduction if you like)


Write the conclusion for the introduction that you wrote.


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