Our Affect on the Enviornment

Semester Draft Kankakee Island “Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders, cherish the natural resources, cherish the history and romance as a sacred heritage, for your children and your children’s children. Do not let selfish men or greedy Interests skin your country of Its beauty, Its riches or Its romance. ” – Theodore Roosevelt. In my own words I think Theodore Roosevelt implies that we need to be grateful for the natural wonders the earth has given us and the history it has behind it, to be considerate ND think about the future generations of the planet.
If the ignorance of selfish people destroys your home, do not let them. It is too valuable. Our limitations have escaped us and we are now crossing the threshold of what our Earth can handle. By that I mean we are Impacting and absorbing more than what the Earth can handle: depletion of resources, environmental disasters, ecological instability, and climate change. We need to set ourselves boundaries in order to keep our planet prosperous. Ignorance and the lack of self control are what push our agenda to doomsday on this dutiful planet of ours that much sooner.
I think some people Just don’t realize the condition our planet is in and think to themselves, “How does this affect me? Why do I care? I have a house, a Job, I make my own money, and no one pays my bills? ‘ This inconsiderate attitude towards our society Is what will hinder the well being of our planet, country, state, city, down to the individual. This is our home and we need to start treating it how it deserves to be treated. We hurt the environment in more ways than you could possibly imagine. Misguided construction, irrigation and mining can face the natural landscape and disrupt important ecological processes.

Aggressive fishing and hunting can deplete entire stocks of species. Human migration can introduce competitors to native food chains. Greed can lead to catastrophic accidents and laziness to environmentally destructive practice. For example, It’s dinnertime but, there’s no food in the house, so you get in your car and drive to the grocery store. You walk down the aisles browsing for something to buy. You pick up chicken and a salad, and then return home to enjoy your meal. Consider the ways your simple trip to the racket affected the environment.
Driving to and from the store contributed carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. The electricity required to light the store was powered by coal. The salad Ingredients were grown on a farm treated with pesticides. Getting the goods to the store required trucks, trains and more trucks, all of which emitted carbon. This is why I would love to have my own country, where people with the same ideologies can gather and discuss about any problems. Everyone will have a voice. My own country will be secluded. It will be an island not surrounded by any other countries. The island is small compared to other Islands.
The weather is tropical like. There are beaches, rainforest’s, hills, and volcanoes. The population Is about 10,000 houses have built in solar panels since it’s almost always sunny there. Solar panels will be a big commodity in my country. According to Harry T. Roman from Business Source Elite, “a well designed solar system can last for more than 20 years. It doesn’t create any source of pollution, its quiet, and the sun’s energy is free of course. ” Harnessing the energy of the sun would greatly impact our society and evidently make our lives and the environment better.
Every house would have its own little power source instead of a coal powered plant for a whole city. My main focus is energy conservation and the consequences it would have on the environment. Another alternative energy I have in mind is building large underwater turbines that could harness the endless power of waves. Imagine that. It would be like the giant turbines you see in other cities that are wind powered but these are under water. It could probably be connected to some sort of transformer and from there be transferred to businesses, restaurants, and other public places.
We can also use thermal energy since there’s a volcano on the island. The Union of Concerned Scientists references indicate that “below the Earth’s crust, there is a layer of hot and molten rock called magma. Heat is continually produced there, mostly from the decay of naturally radioactive materials such as uranium and potassium. The most common current way of capturing the energy from geothermal sources is to tap into naturally occurring “hydrothermal convection” systems where cooler water seeps into Earth’s crust, is heated up, and then rises to the surface.
When heated water is forced to the reface, it is a relatively simple matter to capture that steam and use it to drive electric generators. Geothermal power plants drill their own holes into the rock to more effectively capture the steam. ” The Union of Concerned Scientists also states that, “many regions of the world are already tapping geothermal energy as an affordable and sustainable solution to reducing dependence on fossil fuels, global warming, and public health risks that result from their use.
For example, more than 8,900 megawatts (MM) of large, utility-scale geothermal capacity in 24 countries now reduce enough electricity to meet the annual needs of nearly 12 million typical U. S. Households. ” Geothermal energy is definitely the way to go. It can produce vast amounts of energy to the whole country in a non-polluting way. Another implement my city will have is composting. Stainlessness’s. Com expresses that “compost is created by the decomposition of organic matter such as yard waste.
Compost systems confine compost so that it can receive air and create suitable temperatures for proper decomposition into fertilizer. ” It’s sort of another way to recycle; putting sack our waste into the Earth in a harmless way that promotes the well being of our community. Stainlessness’s. Com also implies that compost waste results in “saving landfill space, saving energy for transporting material, and the creation of a high quality fertilizer at the location where it can be used (thereby again saving energy). In addition, plastic garbage bags are also saved. Our island will not waste any resources if they absolutely cannot be used again. Our island’s main economic income, being that it’s a tropical island, grows lush vegetation and other crops. Coconut, banana, sugar, bamboo, rice, pineapple, cocoa beans, are the most important crops we grow. It’s what we live off of. There is also a fishing company at the island which goes out and gathers only the fish the island needs. They do it once companies are well known in our island mainly for their mutual, social, and economic benefit.
Trade is also practiced in some of the villages around the island as well. We also do not grow our crops with pesticides! On the island we are all aware of the devastation and corruption pesticides do. Everything is grown organically and nothing is tampered with. Raucousness’s. Org states that “at the systems level, organic agriculture that builds soil and encourages biodiversity delivers more diverse/profound benefits and ecological services than farming which amounts to ‘agricultural sacrifice areas’ divorced from their geological surroundings”, which would be superb for our environment.
Mostly everyone travels on bikes or walks being that the country is small. Only some people own cars, and some of those cars are hybrids, which are imported. On our island some resources are abundant. Metals such as, steel, aluminum, copper, etc, are scarce. Importing these goods is vital for building our city structures and public facilities. Most of the houses are built with a combination of bamboo found on the island, clay, some wood, and steel. The AC is powered by our water from the ocean or from geothermal power. Land lines are needed also to use phone service.
Internet service requires people to go to the highest elevation and is limited due to the higher cost. But steel is required to build some of these utilities so we must import at times. There are various social services and recreation activities to do around the island as well. Some of the social services include: hospitals, police station, a community center, market/ trade center, a community college, and some restaurants. Those are all located in the downtown area, which is small. There are many things to do for recreation on Kankakee Island. Surfing is a big hit on the island.
There’s also biking riding, going to the beach, fishing, and hiking. People also go on nature walks. They usually go to the rainforest’s, meditate, smoke, and connect with nature. The people of Kankakee are very nature oriented and have a strong spiritual connection with nature itself. There are also events celebrating nature. People Join in dance, smoke herb, eat fruits and vegetables, and praise that their island is the way it is: sustainable and peaceful. Kankakee Island was founded by a husband and wife named George Kankakee and Donna Kankakee in the sass’s.
George and Donna used to live in the crowded city of Los Angles. George was an architect and Donna was an environmental scientists. They had the typical American life but hated the city they lived in. They didn’t like the crowdedness and state the city was in (environmentally wise). So George and Donna decided to do something bold in their lives. They wanted to stand for something they and thousands of people believed in. They wanted their own country where it could be sustainable and all the people that lived in their country had the same ideas.
So they sold their house, located an island in international waters with some help of peers, and started to look into making it their home and to the home of now 10,000 people come alive. The only way to get to the island is by ship or boat so they set course for the island and were at sea for quite some time. They first had to go to the island and spend some time there to see what it was like. They first observed what resources the island had and experimented with these resources to see which can be sustainable.
Being that George was an architect and Donna an environmental community. They started doing research and came up with alternative energy systems that would do no harm to the environment and would still be classified as a livable place. After that, they started to gather up materials, team up with colleagues that would help them in exchange to live on the island, and started to build their own community. Word then got out of the island and people with similar backgrounds in science, math, and business asked if they can settle on the island.
From there the community started growing and more sophisticated structures and alternative energies were being built. Kankakee Island was now a livable environment. To conclude, Kankakee Island will be one of the most diverse places in the world to live. It has many benefits to any individual that has the right state of mind for the environment. Lush fields of vegetables and plenty of fruit grown organically with no pesticides will make any one happy. Alternative resources harvest the purest forms of sustainable energy on Earth.
Using solar, geothermal, and water, we can expand our ideas and create a better life for all of us and our planet. We can show off to the rest of the world what a magnificent Job we’ve done and can serve as an example to some of the countries in need of an environmental safeguard. Humanity and nature can coalesce into one and start working for each other instead of fighting against it. Not Just the island, but also the people itself; 10,000 conscious individuals doing their part in a systemic community. Kankakee Island is the perfect example of the most perfect place to live.


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