Mass Communication

 To prepare for this Reflection:
· Review the articles “The New Media Age” and “Building Creative Communities: The Role of Art and Culture.”
· Consider how you intend to use mass communication to achieve your personal and/or professional goals.
· Reflect upon what you can do to help your current or prospective company or organization make the best use of mass communication.
· Consider how this course has made you more conscious of the message, medium, and modes through which you absorb mass communication. How will this consciousness affect the ways in which you choose to dispense media?
· Reflect upon how your opinions, beliefs, and philosophies about mass communication have changed since the beginning of this course. What were the changes?
Write a 1- to 2-page composition focused on one trend of mass communication  that may affect your current or prospective career goals in Human Resources Management. How will this trend change how you pursue your career goals, how you may work in your chosen career, and how you will interact with others (on both a small and a large scale) while in your chosen career?

See attachments for articles


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