Marketing Strategy For Health Care Organizations

Marketing Strategy For Health Care Organizations

The development of the contemporary health care system raises the problem of the adaptation of health care organizations to the growing diversity and related demands of the target population. At this point, it is possible to refer to the case of the Urgent Care clinic in Redmond which experiences the urgent need to adapt to the cultural diversity of the target population and enhancement of tolerance based on the respect to diversity. In this regard, the target population of the clinic differs from the average target population of health care organizations nationwide. Nevertheless, the diverse demographics of the local community and the target population of the clinic urges the clinic to elaborate effective marketing strategy to breed tolerance and respect to diversity in the clinic that ultimately leads to the overall rise of the patient satisfaction from the part of the target population of the clinic as well as the job satisfaction from the part of health care professionals working in the clinic.Marketing Strategy For Health Care Organizations

Section 1: General Product Information

The Urgent Care clinic in Redmond is the health care company that provides various health care services to the local population. At the moment, the company faces the problem of the diversity of the population and widening gaps between representatives of different cultural groups, but the problem of gaps between patients representing different generations is even wider. This is why the company has to deliver diverse health care services effectively to patients representing different age groups. In such a situation, the application of the diversified approach to each age group of patients becomes the priority for the Urgent Care clinic in Redmond because the clinic views the health of patients as its main product rather than various health care services delivered to patients. In other words, the Urgent Care clinic in Redmond has the holistic view on its product. The company views its product not just as a mere set of health care services but its ultimate product is the health of patients which is also the main goal of the company’s operations since the Urgent Care clinic in Redmond attempts to make local community members healthy.


Section 2: Consumers

The target population of the Urgent Care clinic in Redmond includes local community members belong to different cultural groups and representing different generations. The targeted audience of the clinic based on generational demographics is diverse. There are   elderly, middle aged and young patients. This fact means that generational demographics include Millennials, Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y.Marketing Strategy For Health Care Organizations  The clinic is in the suburban area. Most patients are children and adolescents as they get sick and injured more frequently than adults and the elderly. The Urgent Care clinic addressed the needs of all generations. Elderly patients have more health care needs compared to younger customers because of specificities of their age and deterioration of their health in the course of aging. Younger customers have option to maintain their health and prevent the development of health problems with the help of the clinic which may assist them to lead the healthy lifestyle. The access of patients to health care services differs. Elderly patients may have physical difficulties to attend the clinic, while younger patients pay little attention to their health and do not always attend the clinic, when they need it. The mid-age population is more aware of their healthy issues and capable to attend the clinic. At the same time, the clinic is technically available to all patients. The introduction of generation-diversified approach will help the clinic to reach each age group of the local population and facilitate the access for the elderly by enhancing the transportation of elderly patients and improvement of the facility design for elderly patients. Also the clinic may communicate with younger patients to increase their awareness of importance of attending the clinic, when necessary.

Section 3: Impact of Outside Agencies

The government also promotes the equal access of all patients and the respect to diversity. However, unlike government policies and programs, the generation-oriented approach used by the Urgent Care clinic in Redmond respects the age diversity rather than ethnic or gender diversity only. In such a way, the clinic becomes even more inclusive than government policies expect and intend.

Section 4: Impact of Regulations

Current regulations are favorable for the development and successful implementation of the new marketing strategy of the Urgent Care clinic in Redmond oriented on the generation diversity and the elaboration of specific marketing program for each generation in the clinic. The development of current regulations facilitates the implementation of the marketing strategy oriented on the diversified approach to patients of different age. Existing regulations focus on the respect to diversity and encourages the successful development of the marketing strategy developed by the Urgent Care clinic in Redmond.Marketing Strategy For Health Care Organizations

Section 5: Anticipating the Changing Market

The target population of the Urgent Care clinic in Redmond is also vulnerable to changes. In this regard, the trend to aging is one of the distinct features of the target population. Therefore, the demand on health care services is likely to grow because of the aging of the population and related deterioration of the public health. The elderly population suffers from the deterioration of health under the impact of changes in their condition and natural factors. The generation-oriented, diversified approach of the Urgent Care clinic in Redmond can help to prevent the consistent deterioration of health of people in the course of aging, if the company starts working with customers from the young age. However, different age groups has different needs and the marketing strategy of the clinic will address those needs. Hence, the implementation of the marketing strategy of the Urgent Care clinic in Redmond will contribute to the improvement of the public health, while the target population will be able to prevent the development of health problems in the course of aging.

Section 6: Importance of Market Strategy

The aforementioned factors are very important for the implementation of the generation-oriented marketing strategy because they reveal the urgent need of the implementation of the strategy. The needs of the target population reveal the different needs of different age groups. The further development of the local community is likely to lead to the further deterioration of the public health because of aging, if the Urgent Care clinic in Redmond fails to prevent the development of health problems in the target population. The generation-oriented marketing strategy helps to address specific needs of the target age group and prevent the deterioration of their health in the future.Marketing Strategy For Health Care Organizations


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