Marketing & Growth Opportunities

This assessment is marked out of: 100
% weighting of this assessment within total module mark 70
Word count/page length – maximum 2,500 words
Appendices, tables, figures, diagrams, charts included in word count. The word count will include tables, diagrams and illustrations (and their captions).



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Bibliographies, reference lists excluded from word count?  

Title page, appendices and bibliography/reference list is excluded form the wordcount,

Penalty for exceeding word count/page length ? Yes – 10 percentage points deduction, capped at 40% for Levels 4,5, 6, and 50% for Level 7. Refer to Academic Manual Section 3: Module Assessment – 3.13 Word Counts.
Academic misconduct (including plagiarism) Academic Misconduct is defined as any action or attempted action that may result in a student obtaining an unfair academic advantage. Refer to Academic Manual Section 9: Student Academic Misconduct Procedure – 9.2 Definitions.


Submission date 1st March 2021


Submission time 10.00 AM (UK time)


Penalty for late submission? Yes. Standard UCL penalties apply. Students should refer to Refer to


Submitting your assignment Assessments will be submitted on Moodle.
Anonymity of identity. Normally, all submissions are anonymous unless the nature of the submission is such that anonymity is not appropriate, illustratively as in presentations or where minutes of group meetings are required as part of a group work submission The nature of this assessment is such that anonymity is required.




Return and status of marked assignments

At the latest this will be within 4 weeks from the date of submission as per UCL guidelines, but we will endeavour to return it earlier than this.

Assessments are subject to double marking/scrutiny, and internal quality inspection by a nominated School of Management internal assessor. All results when first published are provisional until confirmed by the relevant External Examiner and the Examination Board.

No appeals regarding your published mark are available until after

confirmation by that Examination Board.

Studious Digital Educationis an exciting new UK-based EdTech start-up founded in 2018. You have been appointedas a management consultantto analyse opportunities for business growth.
The leadership team has requested you produce a report that must contain the following information:
Introduction (approx. 100 words)– Provide a brief introduction to the report in terms of the context and what will be covered.
Situation Analysis(approx. 1,100 words)- in order to understand the current position of Studious and the online education sector in which it operates, conduct a SWOT analysis identifying the organisation’s strengths, weaknesses in terms of its resources and capabilities, along with the opportunities and threats present in the external environment.
To establish the current state of the industry Studious falls within, conduct an industry analysis utilising Porter’s Five Competitive Forces framework. Provide a ranking of the Five Forces within the framework and discuss the two strongest forces along with the action the organisation needs to be taking in order to ‘manage’ two of the strongest forces.
Studious’current competitive position in the market place is ‘Focused Differentiation’ (Porter, 1980). As Studious continues to grow,apply Porter’s Generic Strategy to consider what is the best strategic option for the business in the next five years.

Marketing & Growth Opportunities (approx. 1,100 words)
The leadership team are keen to hear your thoughts on international expansion and therefore request that you identify one country (not the UK) which could be a viable growth option. To do this apply and analyse three factors from PESTEL to support your country justification.
Aside from international growth, what are other opportunities for strategic growth? Using any of the four vectors in the Ansoff Matrix evaluate and generatethreeadditional potential growth options:
market penetration – what opportunities are there to sell more to their current customers with its existing products or services?
market development – what opportunities are there to sell its existing products or services to new customers?
product development – anticipating changes in existing customer needs, what products or services need to be developed to meet those needs?
diversification – what opportunities are there to enter into a completely new market or product area, outside of where Studious currently competes.
Finally, take the key customer segment(s) of Studious (existing or new), profile the segment(s) using two of the following factors Demographic, Geographic, Behavioural and Psychographic factors. Then explain how you will reach these targeted segment(s) with the purpose of generating the maximum customer value by applying two aspects of the Marketing Mix (4Ps).
Conclude the report (approx. 200 words) – present as a ‘Force Field Analysis’ which lists and ranks the strengths of the driving forces and the restraining forces of one of the growth opportunities discussed in the report. Accompany the Force Field analysis with a discussion summarising the outcome of the Force Field Analysis.

Mark Allocation: Higher marks will be awarded to work which clearly shows excellent research and analysis which draws on a range of management tools and theories. All sources used must be referenced to the academic standards of either Harvard or Vancouver.

Submission Details:The format of this assessment will be 2,500-word report (excludes: title page, reference list and any appendices).

Section C: Module Learning Outcomes covered in this Assignment
This assignment contributes towards the achievement of the following stated module Learning Outcomes as highlighted below:
• Discuss the problems and issues that surround management practice in organisations, using a critical and informed approach.
• Explain and evaluate the main environmental, strategic and operating concerns facing organisations and managers.
• Produce, justify, and support arguments in favour of or against particular initiatives and approaches.
• Apply effectively a range of concepts, methods, and analytical approaches to specific cases.

Section D: Assessment of this Coursework
Within each section of this coursework you may be assessed on the following aspects, as applicable and appropriate to this particular assessment, and should thus consider these aspects when fulfilling the requirements of each section:
• The strengths and quality of your overall analysis and evaluation;
• Appropriate use of relevant theoretical models, concepts and frameworks;
• The rationale and evidence that you provide in support of your arguments;
• The credibility and viability of the evidenced conclusions/recommendations/plans of action you put forward;
• Structure and coherence of your considerations and reports;
• Appropriate and relevant use of, as and where relevant and appropriate, real world examples, academic materials and referenced sources. Any references should use either the Harvard OR Vancouver referencing system (seeReferences, Citations and Avoiding Plagiarism)
• Academic judgement regarding the blend of scope, thrust and communication of ideas, contentions, evidence, knowledge, arguments, conclusions.
• Each assignment requirement(s) has allocated marks/weightings and where applicable, templates that are required to be used.

You are advised to refer to the UCL Assessment Criteria Guidelines, located at

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