Lord of the Flies – Fear of the Unknown

Each individual is acknowledged as good or bad, but is there such a thing as good and bad? Golding, who has written the Lord of the Flies, expresses and shows how people react towards each other. The Lord of the Flies shows the image of civilization and influence.
Golding articulates each and every individual in detail. Around the 1700’s, two men named Hobbes and Locke had an intriguing conversation, “What are humans? ”, “Were we meant to be savages? ”, “What would ourselves be without laws? ” These questions are yet to be answered by your own opinion. ‘The Lord of the Flies’ has many situations relating to the nature of humanity.The nature of humanity describes the characteristics such as society, influence and individuality. Society implicates the nature of humanity, and it relates to the type of civilization the boys are in. The situation in ‘The Lord of the Flies’ implicates the fact that the boys have grown to be savages, because of the lack of rules and adults that there are, to prevent violence and wrongful behaviour. To start with, Ralph found a conch and blew it to commemorate other children who were also stranded on this island.
The boys begin to grow on the island and live in savagery. (Golding, page 23) Roger chose to have a vote.Ralph was chosen to be the leader and chief. Ralph assigned roles that needed to be completed on a daily basis to everyone, and they had to learn to work together in order to survive on the island. The boys have social conversations to keep up with plans and duties. Ralph’s priorities were to build shelters and keep a fire going for a smoke signal; these tasks would help the group to be rescued. With the thought of them never returning home, the group became stressed, angered and scared.

Soon enough everything began to transform. The rules did not matter anymore, and Jack neglected the tasks that he was told to complete.He wanted to be the leader. Without rules, they became more savage. This just goes to show, that people need a system of rules and regulations. As savagery grows within each and every member, the sensation of wanting to kill grows as well. Simon was murdered by the pierce of the spears by the littl’uns and the choir boys.
“There’s too much talking out of turn, because we can’t have proper assemblies if you don’t stick to the rules. ” (Golding. page-98) This quote was said by Ralph, this shows that the boys are inactively controlled. With the boys forgetting their main goal, they get more captivated into finding meat and survival on he island. Society can change many things, population, groups, friends, and civilization. Influence affects the human mind; it is an example of a person to be easily manipulated as to be controlled. Influence has taken its affect in many ways, peer pressure, a feeling to belong and inspiration.
Influence has an effect on Ralph since that he is the leader, he tells everyone what to do in order to survive. But now that everything changed, and Jack is the leader of the hunters, there has been more chaos. Jack influences others to join his side of the group by using the fear of the beast, against the boys.The littl’uns always believed that they weren’t alone on this island. As the thought kept occurring, they decided to find out if the beast was existent. They took the pigs head and placed it in the forest, where they will capture the beast and hunt it down. “They didn’t know that the beast was no more than a mere human a pilot.
” (Golding, Page-151), Jack is also known to be a confident leader, this is why the boys chose to follow him, he also believes in himself which allows the others to do the same. Both groups fight against each other for survival. Jacks group start to chase after one opportunity, to capture Piggy.Even though most of the boys don’t believe that there is a beast in the forest. Later on the littl’uns made them think, most of the boys were influenced in believing that there was a beast living on the island with them. Individuality represents a descriptive personality and makes them their own person. The boys stranded on the island are different from each other; they must work together and use all their skills and power to help each other to be able to survive.
“We can do all right on our own can’t we? ” (Golding. 145) the quote has a deep meaning into it, not just to rely on each other but to rely on ourselves and learn to be independent.It shows that the boys are fairly frightened for the upcoming event. Everyone leads themselves in their own paths. The decisions we make are personal. When piggy told Ralph his name, he was willing to take the risk and entrust Ralph that he wouldn’t tell anyone. Ralph told everyone what Piggy’s name was and that was Ralphs fault because he chose to say something very important to Piggy, and it hurts Piggy’s feelings.
Ralph can easily lose piggy’s trust because of the choice he made. Even the point of where Jack decided to split apart was his own decision but it would’ve been best that they all stick together.From them parting away from each other the two groups now fight against each other risking a high chance of death. The Lord of the Flies has shown how these boys react in their own society with the lack of rules and leadership. They lived in a democratic society and which they disobey the rules. There are punishments and accidents with the acts of violence shown within the boys. There are times when influence take over and where working alone can occur in horrid situations.
Every individual creates a society and shows a person have bad intentions but does not mean they are bad.


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