Late Adulthood Essay Example Paper

Late Adulthood Essay Example Paper


This paper explores the issue of biological ageing which is considered to be one of the acute issues faced by our society. Aubrey de Grey claims that ageing is a curable disease. Ageing should be cured because the positive consequences of delayed ageing would outweigh the negative ones. Our society should be focused on combating biological ageing through the use of new innovative technologies. There is a need for providing greater investment in research aimed at delaying ageing in order to prevent age-related chronic diseases, extend lifespan and significantly improve public health.Late Adulthood Essay Example Paper

In the YouTube video “Seeking Immortality”, Cambridge researcher and biologist Aubrey de Grey argues that ageing is not a time dependent process caused by the loss of physiological adaptability, when a human body is unable to adapt to or deal with environmental stresses, but ageing is  merely a curable disease. He says, “Humans age in seven basic ways, all of which can be averted” (TEDx Talks, 2014). The biologist’s claim that ageing is a problem society needs to address is valid. Our society should be able to respond to the challenges faced by people of any age, including the elderly. This requirement is based on recognition of social responsibility. Biological ageing is a burden for our society for a number of reasons. First of all, biological ageing leads to an individual’s inability to perform the key duties and obligations, such as employment duties, family obligations, etc. This creates additional losses for our society, such as the use of social services, health care services, etc. Secondly, biological ageing is a burden for our society because it requires financial investments in medication to treat various diseases, including dementia, cancer, diabetes and others. It stands to reason that ageing leads to sickness and disability. It is obvious that any disease increases human suffering. Hence, combating ageing should be the key goal of our society. It is crucial to agree with  Aubrey de Grey that ageing should be cured because the positive consequences of delayed ageing would outweigh the negative ones.Late Adulthood Essay Example Paper

Undoubtedly, there is a need for developing effective strategies to defeat biological ageing. In the video “Seeking Immortality”, Aubrey claims that he has developed a roadmap to combat biological ageing. It is known that many developed companies have already implemented a number of  innovative technologies to stop biological ageing, such anti-ageing creams, hair dyes and surgery. It is possible to extend human lifespans through reduction of the prevalence of serious diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and HIV/AIDS. If biological ageing is slowed, human beings will be able to avoid or delay the onset and progression of many fatal diseases. This fact means that human beings will be healthier and stronger (Goldman et al., 2013). Some other innovative methods aimed at delaying ageing include genetic methods and low-calorie diets (Goldman et al., 2013).


In addition, it is necessary to determine both the advantages and the disadvantages of developing the ways to slow ageing or repairing the damage of developmentally normal ageing. The advantages are multiple, including both economic and social benefits of delayed ageing on society.  Health care strategies will be improved, as well as the productive labour force, which would help to improve the quality of life. However, these changes could lead to the disadvantages, such as the need for increasing the Medicare and Medicaid eligibility age, as well as the normal retirement age of American citizens for Social Security (Goldman et al., 2013). Actually, Medicare and Medicaid would require much more money in the nearest future than these programs receive currently. Overall, the increase in longevity would lead to reduction of the budget financing  for implementation of social security programs (Goldman et al., 2013). According to recent study, “delayed ageing would greatly increase entitlement outlays, especially for Social Security” (Goldman et al., 2013, p. 1698).Late Adulthood Essay Example Paper

However, there are some ethical concerns associated with developing the proper ways to slow ageing or successfully repairing the damage of developmentally normal ageing. These ethical concerns include, but are not limited to, inequality caused by high cost treatment approaches to slow ageing, the increased rate of overpopulation and resource strain, and the growth of ageism or prejudices against the elderly people (Mackey, 2003). If human beings live longer, there will be an enormous increase in the total population, which would lead to a number of ethical concerns (Mackey, 2003). In fact, researchers suggest that the existing biomedical paradigm which is focused on “disease model” might have limited success in the nearest future because a wide range of comorbidities affect the elderly.  Researchers explored past, present, and future approaches to ensuring healthy life expectancy and found that “delayed ageing would likely come with additional aggregate costs” (Beltran-Sanchez et al., 2015). New methods in the field of healthy life expectancy will lead to health status improvements among the elderly, while youth will have to reach old age with high levels of disability. Researchers suggest that “trends in health risk factors, such as obesity and smoking, show worrisome signs of negative impacts on adult health and mortality in the near future” (Beltran-Sanchez et al., 2015, p. 1).

Moreover, it is necessary to recognize that there might be the consequences, both positive and negative, for a culture that pursues the slowing of ageing. The positive consequences might include the enhanced health care approaches caused by social responsibility to maintain public health and prevent diseases, the reduction of the key causes of death in developed and developing countries, the limited autonomy to buy anti-ageing medicine, and the opportunity to achieve a better quality of life (Mackey, 2003). The negative consequences of delayed ageing might include considerable economic losses and political transformations associated with continuous anti-ageing debate. According to recent studies, “the economic value of delayed ageing is estimated to be $7.1 trillion over 50 years” (Goldman, 2016).  This fact means that total government costs will be increased significantly because of the increased longevity, leading to certain policy modifications or adoption of new policies to foster anti-ageing initiatives at the global level (Goldman, 2016).Late Adulthood Essay Example Paper


Thus, it is necessary to conclude that Aubrey de Grey’s claim that ageing is an acute problem society needs to address is valid. Our society should combat biological ageing through the use of new innovative technologies. There is a need for providing greater investment in research aimed at delaying ageing in order to prevent age-related chronic diseases, extend lifespan and significantly improve public health. Although delayed ageing might have a number of negative consequences for the countries that would adopt anti-ageing programs, this issue should be resolved by joint efforts. Due attention should be paid to the positive consequences of delayed ageing on society. It stands to reason that society would benefit from delayed ageing due to improved health care strategies and more productive labour force that would help to improve the quality of life.Late Adulthood Essay Example Paper


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