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Discussion Major Barriers in Web Construction and Internet Project Web development Is the process of creating a web site. Imprisoning several steps like planning and analysis, design and programming. Generally the business idea and analysis of use of web professionals perform deferent and developers are those who program the page using different languages on both the client and server side. Graphic designers can create designs from a website programs like Photos or Microsoft Expression, then have to switch to design HTML in a simpler and quick.
Everyone Is aware of the importance of the Internet In the world of mass media. For some, it is the media room after the press, radio and television and for all has come a real media phenomenon, since it represents an important revolution in the way of transmitting and receiving Information and In the scope of this Information (Myers, 2012). The Internet has revolutionized phenomenon and journalistic tasks and revolutionists Journalism itself.

An internet is a collaborative extranet also uses toys accessible to other companies or organizations. It is a connection between businesses over the Internet, a tool that enables collaboration among companies. These are communications between the company and suppliers, business to business, business to consumer (Serener, 2013). There are many barriers in web construction and internet project. Internet is the bridge between the public Internet and private corporate networks or Intranets.
The applications of Internet network can be between groups of companies that share the same information or the same ideas among companies that participate or collaborate in the development of a new application for product catalogues, management and control and development of working a project for training programs, suppliers and customers to exchange offers, promotions, that associations, universities and the same administration involved in management activities such as Job boards, research practices, training programs (Serener, 2013).
When people talk about the latest technologies on the internet and construction of web, it necessarily implies problems of backward compatibility. There is always a ball that people should take some time for these concerns the so-called compatibility. And the HTML / CSS area, the ball bigger than the other is always the same: Internet Explorer. If times have changed with the arrival of IEEE saving, some habits die hard, and one of Microsoft when it comes to their Internet browser is slow to adapt to. Although much progress has been made.
Intranet is the use of Internet standards within a corporate environment to improve productivity, reduce costs and maintain information systems. Creating internet project and web construction costs too much amount. The Web is full of important information, but the time should be used for localization is often too much to offer quick solutions to daily problems (Martini, Coors, & Pipelining, 2009). Technical System and Role for Intranet Companies today are at a very important stage, because they must make decisions that affect their processes and functions in the future.
The strategic management of information is one of the most researched and developed in the world today, particularly those investigations focused on information management within companies and the impact on the economies of all countries. Information at companies is as important as are the Human Resources or the raw material, for without the proper information, the company will be at a disadvantage compared to its competitors.
If it remains at the forefront of information technology that is appearing every day, the company can be easily displaced by other innovative processes and updated (Martini, Coors, & Pipelining, 2009). One of the innovative tools in this context is what is known as Intranet network communication within an organization. Through it can intercommunicate with all members of the company to achieve better performance of its functions and processes. This will be effective in the case of the SEEM Company, as employees in the organization are not so motivated, they get very low salaries.
The main advantages in obtained by using the Intranet in this scenario are: ease of sharing files, using e-mail and other media and obtaining a better printing service. Even if the company has Internet access expands the capabilities, it can be in contact with other enterprise remote locations in the rest of and in these times can be the difference Before considering the development of an Intranet, both for a large company or a small workup, people should never be treated as a work platform but as a tool for it.
It is a form of making available to the workers the full potential of the company, to solve problems, improve processes, build new resources or improve existing ones to disseminate information quickly and turn these workers active members of a network corporate, or gives the user the information he needs for his Job (Myers, 2012). Pretend that everyone has the necessary information in a timely manner without having to rely on third parties to get it. As can be seen an intranet is a copy of Internet within the company.
Thus the various components of the Internet can be incorporated into the Intranet, newsgroups with the creation of internal discussion groups with or without moderator, facilitating, and on the Internet, a way to communicate quickly, creating discussion groups, sharing messages, internal news and projects. The FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or data transfer protocol that gives perfectly integrated into an intranet. Also the online chat (IIRC Internet Relay Chat) although they are limited within an organization or company may offer advantages with respect to multiple conferences and maintain real-time discussions is email.
All through a web environment give cohesion to all elements of the Intranet (Martini, Coors, & Pipelining, 2009). Intranet plays very significant role in the growth of the company. Using this type of network provides multiple benefits: Savings: deleted documents, forms, manuals, rates, internal memos, databases and other documents that require the use of paper and the use of printers for distribution Daily information company. Quality: Internet is the amount while an intranet is quality. The Web is full of important information, but the time should be used for localization is often too much to offer quick solutions to daily problems.
In the Intranet, users find everything they need because the information is much more organized and selected. Communication: implemented messaging system can provide internal and external communications, in real time and deferred, and fully integrated (Martini, Coors, & Pipelining, 2009). Control: data important to the organization will not be so alone at the table of a manager or a middle manager. They will know at all times how a project is because the information in an Intranet is modified and consultation in real time.
Partnership: allow leverage individual intellectual experience of all employees and make it available for use globally. Users can create and manage their own content. Effectiveness: Let’s not leave unfinished business and an end to the excuses of lack of information to carry out any project. In addition, each department generates and maintains its own documentation and data that they own. Efficiency: an Intranet high percentages eliminates traditional working methods and sometimes inefficient as the loophole, fax or small hall meetings.
Ease: with the simple requirement to know how to use a browser, any business user can work with an intranet. With a little more knowledge, not excessive, people can give it their information and share it with the rest of the employees of the organization (Serener, 2013). Flexibility: the layout implementation of an intranet is something people can start with a relatively simple and increase benefits according to the needs and possibilities of the company. Proper maintenance and upgrade later play a key role in the successful development all users that make up the company.
Yield: all the material that can be in a company at a catalogue, manual or book, can be implemented without much effort on an Intranet. Participation: any member of the organization in which is mounted an Intranet provides the information they have obtained and made available to everyone else, which in time can improve or implement their own data. Security Intranet: Intranets provide unprecedented value to the distribution of information, automation of the working groups and access to corporate information (Myers, 2012).
However, the ease of access to information is Intranets allow increased risk of theft, loss or irruption of information that people make available on it. To avoid this risk, there are security mechanisms that should not be forget. If a company lacks adequate access controls, Intranet is an invitation to accidental deletion or modification of documents. Therefore the security policy is something that should never be overlooked. It is necessary to have all available security possible. It must decide who has access to each document, when and from where (Martini, Coors, & Pipelining, 2009).
It should be considered first for each computer security (keys, bolts, locks encrypted, etc). After electronic security, preventing data set available to unauthorized personnel and properly protecting transmissions. A firewall is a defense strategy that can be considered perfect. This system allows people to restrict and control the data traffic of the Intranet can cancel the action of the curious. It should not forget the encryption, secures data transmissions that are made from team to team. The golden rule is to keep the Intranet a day on security issues.
The nearest future of intranets is that thousands of companies are at present investigating the phenomenon Intranets. Ensure very reliable data that the number of tools for the development of Intranets will quadruple in the next year, which can provide an idea of the importance of these for the future of corporate computing (Martini, Coors, & Pipelining, 2009). An intranet must allow conversation and video real time. Examples include video conferencing, real-time conversations, Internet telephony or the conference call.
The same way that it is possible to access the Internet via cable, also shortly be possible to create new multimedia technologies that can reach Intranets to all this. Existing Intranets in no time should expand their revise and applications to the vast Internet, using a method that provides access control to grant certain privileges to selected external users, without having to modify content or application components, and without a significant risk for the proper security of the Intranet (Martini, Coors, & Pipelining, 2009).
Ways to Motivate Staff Better – Knowledge Valley Theory To achieve quality, it is imperative to have motivated staff. Companies that best distinguish, in general, are those who were able to motivate their staff. Many companies do not hesitate to say, how they achieve results with staff that do not. One thing is certain, it is a managerially problem is that it has failed to find solutions to create self-motivation and must question. Motivating staff is an integral part of the management of a manager and it provides the best of both. If a person makes a good job, he takes personal satisfaction.
A motivated workforce is a key asset for an organization (Martini, Coors, & Pipelining, 2009). Motivate staff to be one of the major phenomenon. It seemed useful, in this case, to focus on the theories of motivation to try to identify the levers available to the human resources department to develop ND maintain motivation. Through the motivation, people achieve a better performance, higher productivity, greater efficiency, greater creativity, greater accountability, and a greater commitment on the part of workers (Serener, 2013). There are different ways to motivate employees.
One of the best ways to motivate them is through knowledge valley theory. It can be stated as the management of environment agreeing to the knowledge course all the way through various stages of the life cycle. Therefore, knowledge built up at one place in an administration can be add available to other components by an organizational knowledge depot (Serener, 2013). Organizations continue to exist with the nonstop growth of such facts and knowledge which are on the basis of research & development departments, daily experiences, and creative ideas.
Organizations can only do their best when all accessible areas of knowledge are brought together. Knowledge valley theory is effective and influenced by the culture of organization. The factors of the organizational culture affecting this knowledge are customer trust, quality of the work process, agreement between decision making bodies, human relationships, Coo’s Sino and character, effectiveness of strategic management, strategic alliances with vendors, etc (Myers, 2012). Conclusion In this paper, internet, internet and web development have been discussed.
In an organization, role of intranet and internet is multi-dimensional to some extent. There is an internet project which is outside the company, for customers and others accessing information. On the other hand, there is intranet, which is the website of the organization to be used within organization. It is created for sharing information with employees. The majority of the companies use intranet as the source of information. In general, employees make use of the Internet to carry out research, to conduct studies.


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