Jason Beans and Rising Medical Solutions

            By the baseball ticket incident, RISING was operating via the autocratic management style. The operations manager controls everything; watches the time slot like a hawk, monitors the employees’ computer screens, and overall acting like a police. The employees were motivated by a clearly-defined set of rewards and punishment system. The evidence of rewards was in the baseball tickets and the punishment part was explicitly stated in the case.
This kind of management style has not been effective for the company given the staff’s reaction to winning her reward. The employees grew fearful of management and given the constrained relationship between employees and management, working at RISING must not be enjoyable as evidenced by high employee turnover. With all the problems with this system, Beans implemented a new one: the laissez-faire leadership style. The employees were given more flexibility. They have to set goals for the betterment of the company and achieve them. No more is the hawk monitoring them all the time they work in the office. The employees are entrusted the whole care of the organization and this system seems to work better for the company given the drop in turnover rate and improved customer satisfaction. It appears the employees are appreciating the change in management style.
            Three of my values that translate to personal and professional environment are responsibility, prudence and objectivity. I am a person anyone can count on. When I say I will get something done, I certainly try my very best to do it. Prudence is a character I have always been proud of. I like to stay safe and minimize risks by not overestimating. Lastly, I would like to believe I am a very objective person. I do not judge people until I have looked into as much angles of a situation as I can.

            The overall management of the firm depends upon its owners. Because of religion, the company may have preference for the same religious group the owners belong in over others, and this would not be uncommon. The owner’s values dictate the overall environment of an organization. Just as in this case where Beans was appalled by the person his employee has become and as such implemented a new system altogether. Jim Senegal, the owner of Costco has always been considered to be very generous to his employees (Goldberg and Ritter 2006). His philosophy is simple: take care of your employees, pay them well, and they will not steal from you (pilferage is a big deal for a retailer like Costco) (Goldberg and Ritter 2006). As a result, Costco is experiencing higher profitability (Goldberg and Ritter 2006).
            As a leader, it took Beans a long while to realize that autocracy is not effective in his organization. He should have put his foot down long before the baseball ticket incident when he realized the high turnover rate of employees in his company.
Goldberg, A. and Ritter, B. (2006). Costco CEO Finds Pro-Worker Means Profitability. ABC News. Retrieved 11 May 2010 from


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