Illegal Drug Report

Illegal or illicit drug written and oral report. This could be a legal drug that is used illegally, such as steroids. The report should focus on the illegal use of the drug. Steroids for example can be used as a legal drug as well but the content should focus on it legitimate uses. A bonus point (which is one letter grade) will be earned if the report is submitted one week early. Report format 1. WRITE a five page minimum (250 words per page) report. Do not cut and paste, that is plagiarism and will be scored as a zero. 2. The report must be TYPED. Handwritten will be a zero. 3. Double spaced 4. Font size of 12 or smaller 5. Margins no bigger than one inch (the typical typed page contains 250 words per page) 6. Three minute oral report in classroom … 20% of report grade. Report Content The chemical name, how and where it is grown or produced, and statistics on who uses the drug, the rate of addiction, dependence and recreational use, etc. Also try to report on a unique aspect of the drug, such as a change in prevalence, change in prevalence of use by age, factors which account for the change in use age or demographic, etc. End notes (bibliography) must be included. Possible internet sources 1. Positive Choices – Drugs and Alcohol 2. Indiana Prevention Resource Center 3. National Institute on Drug Abuse 4. Food and Drug Administration 5. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration

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