Hospices and Drug Safety

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Among health-related problems that arise in health institutions such as hospices, drug safety is a common issue. According to Smucker, Regan, Elder, and Gerrety (2014), drug safety is an imperative factor in ensuring the successful recovery of patients in hospice care. Patients suffering from terminal illnesses, particularly the elderly, and those recovering from surgical procedures need proper medical attention regarding drug administration. Correct drug administration in hospices requires a careful and appropriate strategy to enhance patient safety and facilitate advanced practice nursing (Smucker et al., 2014). Therefore, strategizing on drug safety implementation ensures patient well-being and satisfaction during the healing process.

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Considering that most drug safety issues are ascribed to adverse drug reactions, they significantly affect the effectiveness of pharmacotherapy and the economic aspects of healthcare. Drug classification on the dimensions of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics are the primary determinants of drug biochemical interactions, which imply its mechanism of action (Asen-Prieto, Rodriguez-Gascin, & Isla, 2015). Consequently, these two features are important in determining whether the drug is toxic, effective, or ineffective. In this regard, embracing drug safety approaches requires an excellent understanding of drug movement in a human body and its resultant effect on a particular individual.

Since many hospices use a myriad of drugs in their healthcare activities, they classify them into different categories depending on their levels of medicinal values, addiction, and narcotic content. Various combinations of these drugs, depending on patient needs, are used in hospice care for different patients. An integrated model that encompasses the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetic properties of various drugs would facilitate proper and reasonable approaches to selecting drugs with optimal effectiveness, thus enhancing drug safety in hospice care. The model is bound to improve the efficiency of service delivery and reduce the expenses associated with the consequences of drug-related problems. Consequently, patient safety would be enhanced thus positively impacting advanced practice nursing.

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