Hand Hygiene healthcare workers


It is important for nurse leaders to engage with other nurse leaders to understand professional roles. One of these roles include being a change agent.

You will engage with your clinical preceptor to identify a minor issue or concern that require an immediate change.
You will work collaboratively or independently to make the change.
Consider an appropriate PICOT resolution.
Develop a 15-questionnaire survey to determine if the problem can be changed by your resolution.
Using the research strategy, you previously learned, complete the project and document the steps in writing.

APA Style in-text citations and references where appropriate.
Minimum of 5 scholarly references to support your data.

I attached my 15 question

Hand Hygiene Questionnaire

1.    What is your age?  Circle one.      18- 24  25 34    35-44      45 and above

2.    What is your job status?  Circle one.    CAN    LVN          RN

3.    Which shift do you work?  Please circle all that apply. Circle one.  Day    Evening  Night

4.    Have you previously been trained in hand hygiene?      Yes    No  Never
5.    Do you perform hand hygiene when entering the facility?  Always  Sometimes Never
6.    Do you scrub between fingers and back of hands?  Always Sometimes Never
7.    Do you wash hand for a duration of 30 to 60 seconds?  Yes No
8.    Do you turn off faucet with paper towel after hand wash? Yes  No
9.    Do you rub hands until dry when using hand sanitizer?  Yes  No
10.    Do you wash hands before touching a patient?  Always Sometime Never
11.    Do you wash hands before and after a procedure? Always Sometimes Never
12.    Do you wash hands or use sanitizer after removing gloves?  Always Sometimes Never
13.    Do you wash hands after coming into contact with fluids? Always Sometimes Never
14.    Are you aware that hand sanitizer is less effective than hand washing? Yes  No
15.    Do you perform hand hygiene before handling food for patients? Always Sometimes Never
16.    Do you realize gloves are not a substitute for hand hygiene?  Yes  No

Thanks very much for your time you took to complete this survey.

Were employees at the facility(P) able to demonstrate proper hand hygiene after questionnaire and teaching (I) compared to before teaching (c) and lessen the risk of spreading disease(O)?

. Introduction (20 pts)
An introduction/background information on the chosen objective (and/or the topic).

Assessment Define the issue. Why is this a clinical problem? What are the
risk factors? Statistics? Current prevalence rate in the US?

Why or how the topic/objective interests you?

Diagnosis What are the consequences if issue is not acknowledged? How will
consequences affect the identified clinical? PICO

II. Literature Review (20 pts)
Research on the current policy/interventions/knowledge on how to achieve the
Personal reflection: what do you think about the current policy/interventions?
Any other interventions you believe pertinent?
Any policy you believe should be changed or removed?

111. Methodology (70 pts)
Design — Select a change theorist and theory to guide your change project.
. (3 points)
Planning What is the role of the RN regarding the issue? How can RNs help
the participants regarding the issue? (4 points)
Target population. Sample size ( 5 points)

What tool(s) were used to assess the problem? Develop a 15-point
questionnaire to help assess the problem. (15 points)

Implementation What are your nursing interventions? – Teachings?
/Brochure, New policies etc. Develop a tool (teaching/brochure/new policies
etc) about the topic. (18 points)

Barriers and enablers. Did you identify any barriers to the change? What were
they? Did you use any enablers (develop a checklist) to help you to stay on
track with your project? Elaborate on how the change intervention was
implemented. (10 points)

Evaluation How will you evaluate the effectiveness of your interventions.
Develop 5-question checklist to evaluate effectiveness of your interventions.
. (5 points)

Analysis of the data that were initially collected. (10 points)

IV. Ethic Who approved project activity? Why ethical consideration? (10 pts)

V. Results (20 pts)
How many needs were identified? What were they? Was there a main problem?
What were the demeanor/reaction of the clinical preceptor /and/or participants
about the need(s) and the change? Was a clear need for change identified?
What did the literature say about the effect of the problem on the participants?

VI. Discussion (20 pts)
Finding(s) What did you find after analyzing the data? Explain
Limitations to the study- ex. Sample size, studies, age, race, gender, etc.
Any new ideas about how would conduct a similar future study?

Nursing Implications Example: the nurse administered Lasix. The nursing
implication is that the patient will need to urinate more often, the nurse will
need to monitor the patient often: a) to empty the Foley, b) to prevent fall/injury
as the patient hurry to the bathroom, monitor the lab for possible electrolyte
imbalance, provide adequate hydration or monitor for possible urinary infection

Did the project findings and results match the PICOT statement? Was an
evidence-based approach used. List them. Etc.
VII. References. (10 pts)

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