Entering International Branch Campus

Research Topic: Motivations (influencing factors) for choosing to study at an International Branch Campus: a case study at NYU-Shanghai

Research questions:
From the perspective of parents and students, what are the influencing factors for attending NYU-Shanghai? To what extent do the considered factors influence their decision making?


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What are the consideration differences between parents and students in regard of attending NYU-Shanghai?

Preliminary Review of the Literature
Your preliminary literature review should show how your proposed study is related to other studies that bear on your research problem. Your review should offer a critical analysis of previous studies and indicate the implications of this analysis for your proposed study.

Since this is a preliminary review, include at least 10 sources (of which 6 must be empirical research studies). Your preliminary literature review should be organized as follows:

3.1  Introduction (a brief paragraph). Provide a concise description of your research problem/issue. Briefly summarize how you organized the main body of your literature review. For example is your discussion of sources organized chronologically, by publication, thematically, methodologically?

3.2 Main Body. Discuss and provide critical analysis of the sources included in your review. Use logical connections and transitions to connect the sources you include in the review. For  more information please visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_branch_campus

3.3 Conclusions. (a brief paragraph). Briefly summarize the general findings from your review. For example, what do most of the sources conclude your research problem/issue? If there was a dearth of sources on your research problem, make sure to briefly discuss this as well.

Please use at least 10 references from the uploaded additional materials!!!!!

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