Comunication for Distance Learning

Hi Mom, This morning after I left your house, in my way to work I had a little car accident. I am okay mom, not to worry, nothing happened to me or the babies. This lady was taking on the phone, and of course she never saw my car. Now I understand why you are always telling me not to use my cell phone when driving. Thank god, RJ, Madison and Melanie are ok, just a little bit scare (yes mom they had seatbelt). I’m taking the day off to deal whit my insurance. Love you Write a formal letter of 100 to 200 words to the insurance company .
Use salutations and sign-offs where appropriate. October 2, 2012 To: UNITED AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE P. O. BOX 60125 NORTH MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA, 33160 From: Meghan Serra 4928 lane 8 ct Cape coral, Florida, 33891 Policy number: UHD 565635695326 Dear Sir or Madam: I am writing to inform you that I was involve in a car accident with another vehicle on September 28, 2012. I was driving on Skyline from east to west toward Pelican road. On this day I was driving my black 2005 Toyota, a red 2003 ford explorer rear ended my car in the back left.
There was not damage to the other car and no one was injured at the moment of the accident, but I have some minor dents on my car . The other person involved in the accident claims, that she did not saw my car. I quickly call the police to proceed with the report. The report number is 251233, please let me know if more information is needed. Sincerely Meghan. Communicating for Distance Learning ( Part 2) Anthony It is really important to use inclusive language when communicating in class forum because this is the only way to connect with classmates and instructor.

This is how we can get our point across and engage whit each other s. I also recommend avoiding language that is exclusive to one group, trying to use language that is inclusive, nonsexist, or gender neutral. I suggest you in the future when communicating either in a forum, email o text to follow two simple rules. First, you should never address an audience like you mention in your email “Hi guys “, people can get really offended. Secondly when you said “I was surprised because she had a lot of good things to say “you sound really racist towards woman, that comment did not have anything to do with the topic .
Three pointers for how to prevent these mistakes in the future you should always read what you write twice, check for spelling capitalization and proper use of grammar. Second keep in mind your audience; do not personalize your message. And last be professional and respectful of others opinions and beliefs. Communicating for Distance Learning (Part 3) Written tone is very important; this is the only representing that my classmates have of myself.
Tone is present in all type of communication activities, the tone of the message is a reflection of me and it does affect how the reader will perceived my message. In my opinion I think is beneficial to Taylor each and every communication I write, and question the audience before you start the process of writing. Ask yourself, who will read my document? Or what is the purpose of my document? And who is my audience? Tailor your message to your audience to improve their comprehension and realize the different tone to use whit families and people in the work environment.


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