CITC09 Proposal

Students are required to write a research essay of 2000 to 2500 words. This assignment requires submission of an essay Proposal, stating the topic and briefly explaining why it has been chosen, well before the essay itself is due. Proposals should be no longer than a half-page (single-spaced).

Write a research paper, based on published academic literature, on one of the following topic-questions. Basic bibliographies are provided for each. If fully and carefully considered these short bibliographies should be sufficient for a top-notch essay, but students are free to go beyond them to other published material. Unless otherwise stated, all titles in these bibliographies are available on-line through the UTL catalogue.

The general planning history textbook Stephen V. Ward, Planning the Twentieth Century: The Advanced Capitalist World, touches briefly on all the following topics (excluding Topic #1). Unfortunately, it is not available on-line through UTL, but the book itself is in the UTSC library and is available for curb-side pick-up. It is especially recommended for Topics #2 and #4.

1. Carefully consider the Greater Shanghai Plan of 1927-37. Why was this plan thought to be necessary, and what were its overall objectives? To what extent was this plan a product of foreign, western ideas?

A reputable general history of modern Shanghai of which there are numerous on-line options, one being Marie-Claire Bergre, The Other China: Shanghai from 1919 to 1949 in Shanghai: Revolution and Development in an Asian Metropolis, Christopher Howe, ed. (Cambridge UP, 1981)

Christian Heriot, Town Planning, Chapter VII in Shanghai 1927-1937: Municipal Power, Locality, and Modernization (U California P, 1993) [contact Prof White for a PDF]

Kerrie L. Macpherson, Designing Chinas Urban Future: The Greater Shanghai Plan, 1927-1937, Planning Perspectives 5 (1990): 39-62

Cole Roskam, Recentering the City: Municipal Architecture in Shanghai, 19271937, in Constructing the Colonized Land: Entwined Perspectives of East Asia around WWII, ed. Izumi Kuroishi

2. The Garden City concept, conceived in England by Ebenezer Howard in the 1890s, spread rapidly to Europe and North America, then to parts of South America and Asia. To what extent were these non-English garden cities faithful to Howards vision?

Stephen Ward, ed., The Garden City Past Present and Future, various essays (Spon 1992)
R.K. Home, Town Planning and Garden Cities in the British Colonial Empire, 1910-1940, Planning Perspectives 5 (1990): 23-37

Arturo Almandoz, The Garden City in Early twentieth-century Latin America, Urban History, 31, 3 (2004): 437-52

Shun-Ichi J. Watanabe, Garden City Japanese Style: The Case of Den-en Toshi Company 1918-1928, in Shaping an Urban World, ed. Gordon E. Cherry (St Martins Press, 1980) [digital copy accessible through UTLs temporary Hathi Trust service]

Steven V. Ward, Re-examining the International Diffusion of Planning, Chapter 3 in Urban Planning in a Changing World, Robert Freestone, ed. (Routledge, 2000)

3. Although urban design was an element of urban planning from the start, the profession of Urban Design is generally seen as having emerged in the 1950s. What exactly was this new profession, and how did it differ from urban planning?

Eric Mumford, Urban design, Team 10, and Metabolism After 1953, Chapter 6 in Designing the Modern City: Urbanism Since 1850 (Yale UP, 2018)

Richard White, A case study in early urban design: Toronto, 19661978, Planning Perspectives, 34, 6 (2019) 979-998

[The following two books are compilations of primary and secondary writings pertaining to urban design; they are intended mostly for students in professional design programs, but include several items useful for this essay]

Krieger, Alex and William S. Saunders, eds. Urban Design (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2009)

Larice, Michael and Elizabeth Macdonald, eds. The Urban Design Reader (London: Routledge, 2007 or 2013)

4. What exactly is New Urbanism? When and why did the movement emerge, and what role does history play in it?

Charter of New Urbanism accessible online at (and in many other places on the internet)

Jill Grant, Planning the Good Community: new Urbanism in Theory and Practice

Christopher Silver, New Urbanism and Planning History: Back to the Future, Chapter 10 in Culture, Urbanism and Planning, Moncls and Gurdia, eds,

Bruce Stephenson, The Roots of the New Urbanism: John Nolens Garden City Ethic, Journal of Planning History, 1, 2 (May 2002): 99-123

5. When and why did planning adopt historic preservation as one of its key principles? What appears to have been the impact of this adoption?

Eugenie Birch and Douglas Roby, ‘The Planner and the Preservationist: An Uneasy Alliance’, Journal of the American Planning Association, 50, 2 (1984): 194-207

Stephanie R. Ryberg, ‘Historic Preservation’s Urban Renewal Roots: Preservation and Planning in Mid-Century Philadelphia’, JUH, 39, 2 (March 2013): 193-213

David Yee, The Making of Mexico Citys Historic Centre: National Patrimony in an Age of Urban Renewal Journal of Planning History 19, 3 (May 2020): 90-111

John Pendlebury and Ian Strange, Urban Conservation and the Shaping of the English City, Town Planning Review, 82, 4 (2011): 361-92

Stephanie Ryberg-Webster, Combatting Decline: Preservation and Community Development in Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, Chapter 9 in Giving Preservation a History: Histories of Historic Preservation in the United States, second edition, Mason and Page eds., (Routledge 2020)

The file I upload is the complete requirement for the assignment, and I have already chosen Option Two for you. Please write the proposal for this research essay which is due on 10.17, and do the research essay for me due on 11.25. I will post another order for you for the research essay assignment.

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