Can someone Help with the following questions. Increased body size and robustness, changes in limb proportions, and greater encephalization indicate…

Can someone Help with the following questions.1. Increased body size and robustness, changes in limb proportions, and greater encephalization indicate H. erectus hominins were ________ modern humans in their adaptive pattern than their African ancestors were.a.more likeb.the opposite ofc.vastly different fromd.less like2. Homo erectus populations lived in very different environments but they shared several common ________.a.environmental adaptationsb.foraging behaviorsc.physical traitsd.subsistence practices3. The fossil remains discovered at Zhoukoudian are the ________ collection of H. erectus material found anywhere.a.largestb.most diagnosticc.smallestd.least diagnostic4. The assumption that the first definite evidence of hominin fire-use comes from Zhoukoudian has recently been ________ due to re-investigation.a.confirmedb.validatedc.radically alteredd.supported with artifactual evidence5. A separate species status has been suggested to distinguish African from Asian samples, with ________ being used for African remains and H. erectus being reserved solely for Asian material.a.H. afro-asiab.H. africanusc.H. asiaticd.H. ergaster6. More fossils mean more variation, so it should not be surprising that interpretation regarding proper taxonomic assessment of remains is ________.a.prone to increased mistakesb.rejected by opposing viewsc.debatedd.dismissed through comparative analysis7. The temporal span of H. erectus includes two different stone tool industries, ________.a.Dmanisi and Javab.Oldowan and Acheulianc.Sima del Elefante and Gran Dolinad.hard and soft8. Evidence of butchering is widespread at H. erectus sites, but many studies suggest hominins were ________.a.using stone tools to hunt for meatb.hunting large animalsc.not successful in acquiring meatd.scavenging meat from animals killed by carnivores9. Some of the earliest emigrants from Africa, like those found at the European site of ________, don’t show the entire suite of H. erectus physical and behavioral traits.a.Dmanisib.Atapuercac.Sima del Elefanted.Ceprano10. It was ________ who transformed hominin evolution to human evolution.a.H. ergasterb.H. erectusc.modern humansd.H. sapiens 11. Premodern humans were a diverse group dispersed over three ________.a.classificationsb.million yearsc.glacial periodsd.continents12. The general similarities in African premodern fossils indicate ________, almost certainly representing a single species.a.long habitation in the regionb.a close relationshipc.distant originsd.divergent evolution13. Middle Pleistocene hominins from Africa and Europe are usually referred to as ________.a.isolated samplesb.H. lineal ascendantsd.H. heidelbergensis14. Compared with anatomically modern humans, the Neandertal ________ projects almost as if it were pulled forward.a.spineb.torsoc.pelvisd.face15. The Moula-Guercy Neandertals provide the best-documented evidence thus far of Neandertal ________.a.distribution patternsb.hunting practicesc.communal livingd.cannibalism16. The first ever Neandertal hyoid bone is especially important because it suggests Neandertals did not differ from modern H. sapiens in ________ capability.a.languageb.complex reasoningc.neck rotationd.ocular range17. Neandertals advanced their ________ well beyond that of earlier hominins and left evidence they were successful hunters.a.technologyb.languagec.cultured.range18. Many researchers are convinced that Upper Paleolithic H. sapiens had some significant ________ advantages over Neandertals and other premodern humans.a.behavioralb.body weightc.climacticd.cranial capacity19. Neandertals and modern humans ________ in some parts of Europe for up to 15,000 years, so Neandertals didn’t disappear suddenly.a.interbredb.fought with each otherc.coexistedd.occupied the same sites20. Anthropologists have known for some time that Neandertals deliberately ________ their dead.a.consumedb.burnedc.buriedd.abandoned 21. The ________ is based on the origin of modern humans in Africa and later replacement of populations in Europe and Asia.a.regional continuity modelb.partial replacement modelc.displacement theory modeld.complete replacement model22. Supporters of ________ claim that some interbreeding occurred between emigrating Africans and resident premodern populations elsewhere.a.regional continuity modelsb.complete replacement modelsc.partial replacement modelsd.displacement theory models23. The herto fossils have been placed in the newly defined subspecies: ________.a.H. neanderthalensisb.H. sapiens idaltuc.H. sapiens hertod.H. sapiens sapiens24. The predecessors of the tiny hominins called ________, found on the island of Flores were probably H. erectus populations like those found on Java.a.H. floresiensisb.H. erectus minisc.H. sapiens hobbitd.H. sapiens erectus25. Upper Paleolithic cultures are usually divided into five different industries, based on ________.a.stone tool technologiesb.environmental adaptationc.burial practicesd.geographic distribution

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