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A Winning Process for Launching Your Engineering Career” by Dean C. Millard Course Topics include the Career Planning Process and Task/Project Planning: Understand Yourself Career Development and Choice Theories Interest and/or (Holland) Personality Assessments Understanding your personal values, skills, interests, and traits and their impact on career possibilities
Values and ethics relating to career choices Your strengths and promoting your strengths (will be used for elevator speech) Explore Options Researching and Exploring Engineering Careers and Employment Options Use of career libraries and other resources for occupational and major choices Databases and other on-line resources Decision making about your career Informational and behavioral interviewing Interacting with Engineering Professional(s)/Faculty at Careers Discussion Take Action Marketing Yourself: “How can you make yourself stand out? Resume and cover letter design twittering skills Networking Internships Systems Engineering: Understand the systems/team approach to modern engineering design What skills and experiences during your undergraduate career will prepare you best for the reality of today’s workforce and its expectations? The role of graduate studies and how to assess the need, and undergraduate course selection implications. Leadership skill development and experiential learning opportunities. Entrepreneurship may be a goal. What strategies should you follow? The importance of excellent communication skills.
Team functioning guidelines The course consists of mandatory lectures together with homework and class exercises that will allow you to tailor the material presented in class to make appropriate career choices and enhance your career development. Topics will be presented in a summary fashion during lectures and will be investigated in more detail through outside assignments and subsequent in- class presentations and discussion. Some readings may be at profession websites. The course blackboard website will be the primary method of distributing information, assignments, and class documents.

One other note about the rouser website: Please be sure you are registered with your name exactly as you are registered in this course. And only use your official Cornell email as the email address when you sign in and log in each time. Also, send ALL emails only from your official Cornell gamma account, others will not be opened, including if they are a nickname or an alias. Please be sure to keep electronic (backup) copies of ALL the documents you turn in to this course until after you receive your final grade.
If anything is lost along the way, you can then easily locate, and resubmit any missing comments for credit. You will also find your assessment results you AC aired in the course may be useful to you later in your career. Please keep these materials for your personal use once you finish our course! Course Grading: On-time class attendance, participation in in-class discussions, and satisfactory, on-time completion of course assignments will determine your final grade in this seminar course. This seminar only helps you make good career plans if you are a serious, motivated, and active participant. Opts. Will be earned for every lecture attended on time and only if attending or the entire class period. 10 Opts. Will be earned for each homework satisfactorily completed, typed, and submitted on time – in class. A 40% penalty will be assessed for all late materials turned in after they are due in class, up to one week late or for turning in an unsatisfactory submission which must be redone. O Opts. Credit will be earned for homework turned in more than one week after the due date – although all assignments still must be completed satisfactorily and turned in to pass the course.
Several homework assignments may be given higher weighting particularly he final project and these will be announced in class and on the assignment sheet posted on Blackboard. In addition, some assignments will be group- oriented. Absences from lecture will only be excused for official university reasons and for communicable diseases such as the flu when you should remain at home and take care of yourself. The official university reasons are illness and absence from campus on official university business, the later must be documented in writing.
Proof of any missing work must be submitted prior to the final exam date, ND be of acceptable quality. Remember, any assignment turned in more than 1 week late will receive zero credit towards your grade, but the assignment must still be submitted in satisfactory form to complete the course. Final Letter Grading will be based on the percentage score out of the total possible as follows: AAA – 100 % – 89. 9 % ICC – 79. 9% D 60-69. 9% Below 60 % OR if missing or unsatisfactorily completed any required assignments #1. Tuesday, January 27th In class: Introduction/overview of course and course materials (“Ready for Takeoff’)


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