Avengers Assemble (Loki and Black Widdow

Jennifer Reed The Avengers Assemble Essay The Avengers Assemble Film (2012), directed by Joss Whedon, is a superhero film which is produced by Marvel Studios. The movie follows 7 iconic Marvel characters, Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr), Dr Bruce Banner aka Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Captain America (Chris Evans), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson). All the characters join together on their mission to save the Earth from the villain, Loki (Tom Hiddleston).
The film is set on a spaceship. The budget for the film was $220,000,000 and managed to get 1. 5 billion box offices. In the essay I will be analysing the scene where Black Widow Interrogates Loki in the Prison. I will be looking at two of the micro features, Mise en Scene and Cinematography. Mise en Scene, includes three aspects, setting, performance and movement, and costumes and props. The second micro feature, cinematography includes, camerawork, colours, and lighting. The start of the scene is set on a Spaceship in modern day time.
The camera is on a panning shot on Loki’s face, the lighting on his face is shadowed to show the mystery and uncertainty of his character. He senses that black widow is behind him and his facial expression shows happiness in the fact that he wanted her to be there. When black widow is shown on screen, the shot used is a long shot, this suggests that she is exposed to Loki and there is no where for her to hide. However, low key lighting is used on her, which means there could be a hidden intention she has.

The costume widow is wearing is black and very fitting and tight on her body frame, which proposes that she is a character of trust, authority, and order. Reverse shot is used for the vast majority of their conversation, and then the camera pans as Widow walks towards Loki in the prison this could mean that she has no fear of the villain. Long shot is used on Loki to show that he is now being exposed and questioned by Widow, the lighting is artificial in the prison and all of Loki can be seen, yet his facial expressions still shows that he still has the power between the both of them.
Though when both characters walk backwards and sit down while having their conversation, the power is equal between because of their body posture is at an equal level. The lighting on Widow’s face is shadowed while talking about her past, whereas Loki’s face and body is high lit. This shows that he still may have the upper hand. When he speaks the camera is on him and it is also a long shot which emphasises the prison he is kept in. Compared to the prison, Loki seems very small and lost whilst in it.
This puts forward that he is actually not as powerful as he makes out to be, it shows that he is the one really exposed and the lighting all around and on him suggests that all his true colours are being revealed. Through out this section of the scene, their tones of voice are calm and equivalent, so it’s still uncertain who has the power. When Loki questions “What are you now? ” Widow stands up and folds her arms, so her posture is now closed which then directly suggests she now has the power, and is not willing to reveal anymore about herself.
Medium close up shot is used on Loki when he reveals something he knows about her. Then it switches to Widow on a close up shot on her face to emphasise her worried and shocked eye contact whilst Loki is speaking about her secrets. The more he reveals the wider her eyes become to create an impact of fear. Loki then stands up to show that the power has now switched to him. A low angle shot is used on his face to show authority and that he is in charge.
His tone in his voice becomes confident, powerful and loud as he walks Paige Cuthbertson over to Widow. The lighting of his face is shadowed which shows that he has more to reveal. The camera then goes to Widow whilst in his raging speech and in the reflection of the glass prison is Loki’s face, this way the audience is able to see both characters facial expressions and this impacts a lot of power, because even though the camera is not on Loki, it’s easy to make out on the shadow of his reflection the passion and aggression he has.
The cut is then quickly switched to the other team members of the assembles as they are working, with the monologue of Loki over it, his volume and tone of his voice becomes quieter and softer, though still stern and powerful. The camera is panned on Iron man, and the Hulk as they are working then on other members of the overall team, as Loki is talking about them being liars and killers, this part of the scene may create an oppositional reading to the viewers. This makes them question whether what Loki is saying is actually right.
The low camera angle on Nick Fury insinuates that he is in charge of the “lying and killing. ” Captain America is shown looking at his costume, his face and costume are both in focus which suggests the importance of both of them. His facial expression shows that he is questioning what he is doing, which makes the viewers think that maybe the superheroes aren’t doing the right thing. The cut changes to Loki loudly banging on the window, and finally showing his true intentions and plans, when explaining what he is going to do to Hawkeye.
The camera pans to a low angle shot on Loki’s face this impacts the fact that he is high in power and control. It also encourages he has power, when the close up on Widow’s face shows wide eyes and glistening in her eyes. To conclude, in the scene I have been analysing it has all been about power and authority. Throughout the scene, the switching of powers between the characters is greatly enhanced. I believe the audience would react to the film in a positive way and just from the scene I have been analysing would want to find out more. Just from a 3-4 minute scene there is a lot of intense and powerful moments.

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