Assessment: Roles of the Neurological System

Unit 7 Assessment: Roles of the Neurological System
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As noted by Gingras et al (2015), emotional stimulation has been known to lead to pupil dilation and contraction.  For dilation of the pupils to occur during the listening of music, the special senses must work in conjunction with the autonomic nervous system (ANS). In addition, for this study to be physiological fact, the special senses and the ANS must also work collectively with the peripheral nervous system (PNS) and central nervous systems (CNS).

Read the attached article, The Eye is Listening: Music-Induced Arousal and Individual Differences Predict Pupillary Responses. 
During the reading, take notes and consider the following:

The role of each neurological system (ANS, PNS, CNS and special senses)
The pathways of each neurological system across functional divisions.
How the neurological systems work collectively.

After the reading, answer the following questions:

Explain the pupillary light reflex.

In the explanation, include the division involved in the constriction of the pupil and the division involved in the dilation of the pupil.

List the muscles involved in the constriction and dilation of the pupil.

Identify the additional complex involved in the constriction of the pupil, providing the division of autonomic control.

Define “special sense.” 
Explain the neurological pathway of hearing.

Discuss how the act of pupil dilation can be accomplished by the physical act of hearing music (non-visual stimuli).
Describe how and why the emotional response to music can influence pupil dilation/constriction.

Explain how the ANS, PNS, CNS and special senses work collectively to influence a pupillary response, describing the role of each system across functional divisions

Please read the attachment file and answer the question.

Unit 7: Roles of the Neurological System

Gringas, B., Marin, M., Puig-Waldmuller, E., & Fitch, W. (2015). The eye is listening: Music-induced arousal and individual differences predict pupillary responses. Frontiers Human Neuroscience, 9:619. doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2015.00619

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