Art Appreciation                    GRADING RUBRIC for  ESSAY Assignment        El Centro College
ARTS 1301 2020 ALL sections            Possible grade: 100 points                Academic Transfer Division
Mrs. Armstrong                                                                                                               
SECTION #: ________STUDENT NAME: ________________________
TOTAL GRADE              100 pts. __________
1. Paragraph 1: Introduction  (10 points total) ____
Introduction – experience of museum visit, choice of piece.    5 points _____
Points of essay – first ideas, types of analysis, expected results     5 points _____
2. Paragraph 2: Formal Analysis              (20 points total) ____
Clearly uses and understands visual arts vocabulary –
    label (5 parts), art form, style, subject type and description.    10 points _____
Names and gives examples of 3 different elements of art and 3 different
principles of art used in piece. See page 2 of Rubric for chart.  10 points _____
3. Paragraph 3: Biography-Historical Contexts in 10-year period  (15 pts. total)____
States 10-year time period and where the artist was living during that time.
    OR States the 10-year period and the culture and country of origin.  5 points _____
Gives events in the life of the artist during 10-years OR description of
    events in the culture from which the art object originated.      5 points _____
Describes 1 or 2 societal, cultural, political or religious events occuring
    in the 10-year period and relevant to artist/culture and artwork.        5 points _____
4. Paragraph 4 : Stylistic Contexts/Art History        (18 points total) ____
Stylistic context – names 1-2 period style/art movements, describes their
    characteristics, subjects, messages and/or controversies.          5 points _____
Identifies clearly the comparison work for Stylistic analysis.    5 points _____    Compares the 2 artworks in the Stylistic context.        5 points _____
Place the artist and artwork in the Stylistic Context and art history.      3 points _____
5. Paragraph 5: Conclusion    (10 points total) ____
Personal insights and opinion of the artwork.     5 points _____
Effects of research – did that change your views?  5 points _____
6. Research and List of Sources      (15 points total) ____
3 quotes/paraphrases with in-text citations in P3 and P4    3 points _____
List of Sources – 3 minimum    3 points _____
Sources relevant to subject, good quality.    3 points _____
MLA format for in-text citations and Bibliographic entries.    6 points _____
7. Structure and Directions      (12 points total) ____
Correct formatting typed, spacing, pagination, 5 paragraphs    4 points _____
Capitalization, spelling and punctuation, art title format    4 points _____
Artwork image with caption/label.    4 points _____ Total grade is at the top of this page.
Elements and principles grading chart: 9 + 1 = 10 pts. possible    TOTAL: _______
Points recorded in #2 in second item.

Element #1 w/ appropriate example1.5 points ___
Element #2 w/ appropriate example1.5 points ___
Element #3 w/ appropriate example1.5 points ___

Principle #1 w/ appropriate example1.5 points ___
Principle #2 w/ appropriate example1.5 points ___
Principle #3 w/ appropriate example1.5 points ___

All elements and principles properly named.    1 point____

Writing Guidelines for Essays and other written assignments.
FILE TYPE: MUST BE A WORD DOCUMENT. No other file type will be accepted.
FONT SIZE: 12 point, standard fonts only Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri, etc.
                      No colored text and no highlighting. No Borders.
MARGINS: 1″ margins.
Left-justified: All lines and paragraphs start at left margin, including Bibliography/Works Cited.
Do not center and do not right-justify sentences, paragraphs or Bibliography/Works Cited.
SPACING: DOUBLE SPACED throughout the essay and bibliography.
                  Left-justified only. Not centered and not right justified.
HEADER: Your name, Title of paper, and Course name/number and section.
NO COVER PAGE. No borders or other decorations.
Title is your choice. Can be the name of the assignment or of the artwork.
Paragraph Headings are allowed.
Artwork title formats.
Length and Counts
Paragraphs should be no less than 3 sentences.
Essay – Required number of paragraphs will be stated in the written assignment.
Please do not combine paragraphs and write them in the order
    as given in the written assignment directions.
Counting – I do not count words. I do count paragraphs.
The essays are formal essays!
      No slang, no text speak (u for you), no dialogue, no bulleted lists.
DO NOT use the following:
      NO highlighting, NO shading, NO colored text.
      NO bullets, no numbered lists.      NO borders or other decorations.

The two essay assignments include an outline for the essay IN the assignment document.
You are expected to follow that outline carefully.
    The information given in the outline is the information that is graded.
      It is the BEST guide to writing the essay correctly.

Additional Guidelines
WRITE the paper outside of eCampus in a WORD document.
    Proofread and edit BEFORE you submit.
    Compress any/all images inserted in document.
You may use MS WORD or Google Docs (no password required please).
The file must be saved as a .doc or .docx file type, or .rtf files.
NO .pdf, .pages, .odt or any other word processing file type.

To access free software for students provided by Dallas College go to the following links.
Student Email and Microsoft Office
May choose Office 365 cloud based no download, or MS Office software download to your computer.
Google Drive Help
Use if you have a Google Drive account/access.
Google Docs download and directions
Use to set up Google Drive and Docs free account.

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