Aristotle’s concept of eudaimonia and the virtues

In 2019, the Gillette company (which makes shaving and other personal care products) came out with a controversial ad depicting and critiquing “toxic masculinity.” While the commercial shows many boys and men as acting violently, and engaging in acts of sexism and bullying, a small number of men are depicted as standing against such behavior. While some admire the commercial for being brave and timely, others critique it along a number of lines—claiming, for instance, that it stereotypes men as naturally cruel, demonizes all things “masculine” (the love of competition, rough-and-tumble physical activity…etc.), makes woman look too much like victims, and finally, uses real-life issues to sell products. First, please watch the video: Second, answer the following scenario/questions on a Word Document and upload it to the link. A page is good enough. The ONLY source you are allowed to use is the course e-text. Even then: if you MUST quote the text, place these sentences in quotation marks and cite the text. Taking sentences from the text and changing a word here and there is still plagiarism. Scenario/Questions: A Virtue Ethicist influenced by Aristotle (discussed in chapter 8 of the e-text), and a follower of Carol Gilligan’s Ethics of Care (discussed in chapter 9), are watching the Gillette commercial together. Use your knowledge of the ethical theories and your imagination to answer following questions in order: 1. What does the Virtue Ethicist think of the commercial? Integrate Aristotle’s concept of eudaimonia and the virtues into your answer. 2. What does a follower of Gilligan’s Ethics of Care think of the commercial? Make sure Carol Gilligan’s theory is evident somewhere in your answer. 3. In regards to the video, do you agree with either of these two individuals (The followers of Aristotle and Gilligan)? Do you disagree with either of them? In short, what do you think of Gillette’s controversial ad? Explain your answer in detail, and do not be afraid to express your opinion!

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