Applied Final Project Part 3: Parenting Action Plan

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Applied Final Project Part 3: Parenting Action Plan


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Youâ€ve crafted your case study. Youâ€ve done your research on the topic. Now itâ€s time to identify some solutions in the form of a Parenting Action Plan.

Your Parenting Action Plan should be about 2000-3000 word in length and follow APA style (7th edition). Be sure to use in-text citations and include a reference list.

Copy and paste your case study at the beginning of your document to provide the context for your research essay. (This will not count towards your word total.)

Your essay should be written in your own words and you should always cite any ideas that come from another source. Do not use quotations or copy verbatim from another author.   

Your action plan can build on your existing research essay, but the action plan itself will include a few additional components (denoted with an * below). The research you have done should be carefully woven into your action plan. In other words, donâ€t just copy and paste your research essay and tack on more words. Use the research to justify the actions you are proposing.

  • Statement of the problem: A statement of the key issues that must be explored in order to resolve your case study.(This can be the same as the statement in your research essay)
  • Incorporation of at least 10 credible sources from within the past 10 years that can be used to support a parenting action plan. At least 5 of these sources must be scholarly social science research articles, and at least 3 of the sources must have been published within the last 2 years.
  • *Incorporation of parenting or developmental theories to provide a framework for the proposed action plan.
  • *Description of potential sites of impact (Step 6 of the Planning Table).
  • *Identify an action plan grounded in research that may address concerns posed by the case study (Step 7 of the Planning Table).
  • Correct use of in-text citations and corresponding reference list (APA 7th edition).
  • Use of APA 7th edition format (1” margins, standard font, double spacing, page numbers, etc.).
  • Demonstration of strong writing skills.

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