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FORMAT: a written report of at least 1,800 words total (not including references), Times New Roman size 12 font, double-spaced

AIM: to research and reflect on current caste politics in India, including the relationship between caste and religion today, and create practices/visions of a post-prejudice world


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DESCRIPTION: You will be doing an alternate form of the final project that other students in the course are completing in groups. We would like you to provide an overview of current caste politics in India in the form of a written report.

Your report should incorporate information you learn from at least 2 interviews about caste that you conduct with individuals who are not in this course, such as your friends, family members, mentors, and wider acquaintances. (We encourage you to conduct these interviews via phone call, video conferencing, etc.) Your report should also integrate your summary and analysis of at least 6 sources that have not been assigned as readings in this course. (Please do not just repeat what the sources say – go deeper and tell us what you think about them and why.)

Your report should ultimately aim to provide an overview of current caste politics in India, including the relationship between caste and religion today, and offer potential practices/visions of reaching a post-prejudice world in the context of the broader course themes (comparative analyses of race, religion, and caste in India and the United States).

In order to accomplish these aims, you will also need to interrogate your own worldviews about caste and religion and how these worldviews developed, and perhaps compare/contrast your perspective with those of the individuals you interview, in addition to incorporating your source research and analysis about current caste politics in India

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