Animals and Birds Should Never Be Kept in Cages

“Animals and birds should never be kept in cages” A cage is defined as an enclosure used to confine or protect something. People nowadays keep animals in cages for entertainment and profit purposes. However, there are other reasons, such as the importance of preserving the species to ensure it does not go into extinction and giving people a chance to appreciate wildlife that is impossible to find in a modern city. Therefore, to a great extent I agree that animals and birds should be kept in cages. To begin with, caging animals and birds prevent them from going into extinction.
By caging animals in enclosures that simulate their natural environments, these animals will not be vulnerable. They are allowed to roam around the space provided without their natural instinct to live in the “wild” being destroyed. By providing animals and birds food and proper medical care, their healths are taken care of. If we let the animals live in the wild untouched, they may be prone to contracting diseases. Not only that, they are more subjected to being hunted. Furthermore, animals are not evenly distributed around the world due to the differences in the habitats that they live in.
These animals allow humans to appreciate wildlife more. Humans will be exposed to different types of species available including those that exist in natural abundance and those that are endangered. This increases their awareness about the wild. By portraying endangered species, humans may pay more attention to preserve them. This also helps to prevent animals from going into extinction. For instance, the White Tigers at the Singapore Zoological Garden are kept in enclosures that resemble their natural habitat.

According to research, there are six subspecies of tigers left in the world and one of them is The White Tigers. On the flip side, some people may claim that caging the animals and birds is unethical as it deprives them of their freedom. However, I cannot agree to this statement. As I have stated, animals are kept in enclosures that are big enough for them to roam around. This does not deprive animals of their freedom. In conclusion, it is important to cage animals as it reaps benefits for both animals and humans. Indeed, it is my conviction that animals and birds should be kept in cages.

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