Animal Bullying

The horizon melted across the sky, the setting sun nowhere to be seen. A seagull dived across the sky, heading horizon. I sat on the sandy beach, staring at the mesmerizing obediently beside me. Looking at it, a wave of fresh memories came rushing back into my mind, engulfing me in it…… It was a sultry Saturday afternoon, left to my own devices. I sat on my squishy couch, eyes peeled on the goggle box, enjoying my favourite television show, ‘Zero no Tsukaima’. Then, the show finally ended, I rubbed my still bleary eyes and gave the clock a quick glance.
It was still early, only 3 o’clock. Wondering what to do, I stared blankly at the ceiling. Then the telephone started ringing shrilly. Without further hesitation, I dashed to answer it and to my surprise, it was my best friend, John inviting me for a ride in the park. I agreed readily. Like a cat on hot brick, I quickly changed and glanced countless times at the clock in the process, then, I quickly boarded my bike and started cycling towards the park. Though the park was only a stone’s throw away from my house, then it seemed as if it was miles away.
After what seemed like an eternity, I finally reached the park and found John waiting for me there impatiently. I quickly approached him and we began cycling around while chatting about the interesting happenings in school. Just as we having a whale of our time, a scared ‘mew’ and then a crowd of raucous laughter aroused our attention. We quickly alighted from our bikes and then edged nearer and nearer to the direction where the laughter was coming from. Hiding behind a clump of bushes, we peered carefully through the gaps between the leaves to see what had happened.

To our utter horror, three teenage boys formed a small circle around a white and brown splotched cat and each was armed with several rubber bands and a packet of soft drink. Then, one of the boys let loose a rubber band striking the cat near the eye, it retreated and the boy behind it let loose another rubber band hitting it on the back and he also edged forward to step its tail. The cat gave another loud pitiful ‘mew’ and it nearly broke my heart. “How dare they do that to such a helpless little cat? ” I thought.
I began to stand up, but John grabbed my arm and we retreated to a few metres away and John frantically asked me, “What do you want to do? They are so much bigger and stronger than us! ” I gave a sigh and told him how I felt and I also told him that I could not bear to see the kitten being bullied and beaten by the teenagers and I turned to go towards the teenager, and John grabbed me again and tried his best to persuade me not to go but I would not listen, the commotion aroused the attention of the teenagers and they came out, looking at what had happened. When they saw us, they snickered and asked, “What business do you have here kid? Anger started to boil within me and I longed to go up to him and give him a bash straight in the face, but I had to suppress my anger and said, “I may be a kid but at least I know it is wrong to hurt innocent animals unlike you dunces. ” The teenagers instantly flared up and were cracking their knuckles. Instantly, I regretted what I had just said. John was standing beside me trembling from head to toe. Then, the leader of the gang snarled at me, “Who cares about a rotten ball of fur. ” I made a quick dash for the kitten that came limping towards us and then without a second look, I dashed away.
John also followed me and also kept looking backwards, but to our surprise, the teenagers did not chase us. After running for quite a long distance, we stopped to catch a breath. I also stopped to take a look at the kitten, its right leg was bleeding and its blood dyed my red shirt as I held it close to myself just now. Then the kitten started licking its wound. After discussing with John, we decided to bring it to the vet. Upon reaching the vet, we showed him the veterinarian and he told us that the kitten was not too badly hurt except for some skin deep cuts.
Only then, we sighed in relief. Then, we decided to go home and John said that he had nothing to do with the kitten, so I brought it home. When my parents came home, I related the incident to them and I asked them if I could keep the kitten. At first, they were firm and said no, but after much begging and persuasion, they finally agreed me and requested me to take care of the kitten myself as my mother was afraid that after some time, I would lose interest in the cat and the responsibility of taking care of it would land on her.
That, I readily agreed. Suddenly, my cat bounded from my torch and ran it around me back into reality. Looking at the sky again, it was turning dark and I gave a sigh ready to get up and go back home for dinner, carrying the kitten in one hand, I set off to home. I was really grateful that I had the chance to come by the kitten. I will devote myself to take care of the kitten for life. That is what it takes to be a responsible pet owner.


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