Alexander Hamilton’s Report to Congress

Using Alexander Hamilton’s Report to Congress on the Subject of Manufactures and Thomas Jefferson’s Notes on the State of Virginia compare and contrast the two authors’ visions of economic development and what they believed the two approaches meant for American society and government? The essay questions will require you to analyze two primary source documents, which can be found under the course resources heading of the course page. The essay will be evaluated based upon coherence of argument, organization, content, spelling and grammar. In grading essays there is always an element of subjectivity. You can minimize the subjective aspect by using clear and appropriate language and proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. That is, develop a good eye for attention to detail and do the best job that you can. The key to good writing is rewriting. For the essay, make sure that you cite all ideas and interpretations by author and page in parentheses, for example (Calhoun, The Clay Compromise Measures, 4). You do not need to include a formal bibliography unless you use sources not part of the class, that is sources that come from somewhere else besides lectures and class readings. Although outside sources are not required or encouraged if you use them you must include a bibliography. You do not need to include a title page, cover, or one of those silly glossy things.

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