A Program Evaluation Proposal

Choose a program that deals with mental health bipolar things

In this assignment, you will develop a program evaluation proposal regarding a hypothetical agency of your choice. You may use a program/agency with which you have worked in the past or one that you can learn about in your community or from the web to complete this assignment. Your paper will include the following sections: Executive Summary, Introduction, Literature Review, Methods, Results, Discussion/Recommendations, and  References. Review the paper guidelines in the rubric folder for further details.


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In preparation for this assignment, select a program/agency as the basis for your Program Evaluation Proposal. You may use a program/agency with which you have worked in the past or with one with which you are familiar.

Create a Program Evaluation Proposal based on your selected program/agency. Be sure to address the following components in your proposal:

Executive Summary
Provide a broad overview of the proposal.
Address evaluation outcomes/recommendations.
Provide background information on the program.
Describe the problem or issue.
Explain the purpose of the evaluation.
Literature Review
Identify relevant knowledge contained in the literature from at least three substantive peer-reviewed articles.
Provide an operational description of how the data will be gathered to test the hypothesis, description of participants, and/or data analysis.
Discuss the expected results from the data analysis providing a hypothetical trend expectation from the main data collected Discussion/Recommendations.
Discuss the ways the expected results could be put to practical use including possible programmatic changes related to the focus of the program evaluation research
Use APA formatting conventions to appropriately cite the source for every factual statement made within the paper. For more information on A Program Evaluation Proposal see this:

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