A None Government Organization’s Profile

NGO Profile: World Vision International

Please look up World Visions website and review lecture 2 to 7, then Write the section 1 and section 2. If you include any quotations or references to journal articles, website pages, or other documents, you should cite these as you would for a formal publication. Use whatever citation style you prefer.


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Section 1: World Vision Internationals Current Organizational Structure (approx. 400 words, excluding references and tables.)
    Describe the current organizational structure of the NGO.
    How many offices does the NGO have and how do its offices relate to one another? (i.e. describe the hierarchy, federation, etc.)
    Describe the governance and leadership structures of the NGO.

Section 2: World Vision Internationals Programmatic Domains and Approaches (approx. 600 words, excluding references and tables.)
    In which sectors does the NGO operate?
    Within the health sector, what are the NGOs specific areas of public health expertise?
    What unique strategies or programmatic approaches does the NGO adopt in its work?
    How has the programmatic focus of the NGO evolved over its history?

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